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Book Spotlight: Am I Going to Be Okay by Debra Whittam

Title: Am I Going To Be Okay? Weathering the Storms of Mental Illness, Addiction and Grief
Author: Debra Whittam
Publisher: Turning Point International
Pages: 253
Genre: Memoir/Women’s Psychology/Applied Psychology

Am I Going To Be Okay? is an American story with a universal message. Ms. Whittam traces her history in the form of stories about her all too human, and sometimes unhinged family; she throws a rope to the little girl living there, and in adulthood, is able to pull her out to safety, bit by bit.
Her history is peopled with folks from a different time, a time before therapy was acceptable, 12 steps unimaginable and harsh words, backhands and even harsher silences can be spun to appear almost normal. She writes of a mother who would not or could not initiate love nor give it without condition, and a father, damn near heroic at times, abusive at others, a survivor with his head down and his sleeves rolled up.
Ms. Whittam approaches her past with the clear-eyed tough but sensitive objectivity necessary to untangle the shame from the source. She speaks of the people that affected her life so deeply with an understanding of their time and place in American culture; a family not far removed from immigrant roots when men carried their own water, emoted misplaced anger, and with fresh socks and food found on the trail, were confident, unflinching and at that same time tragical- ly failing to the little ones they ignored.
Like many of us, details notwithstanding, Whittam responded by numbing, running and gunning. Alcohol gave her hope, soothed a crushed soul for a time and wrecked her on a train, until finally she had the courage to accept it wasn’t working for her anymore. It was time to stop drinking and take inventory and accountability. It was time to accept, forgive and move forward. She healed where she was broken.
It is in the telling of this story that Whittam teaches us the difference between just surviving and surviving well, the importance of shared introspection and a careful eye on the wake we leave behind in our actions. Her story is a guide to surviving abuse and addiction. It is also about witnessing and dealing with the shrinking faculties of aging parents in the unavoidable circle of life. Finally, she offers a realistic sense of hope, forgiveness and a life we can shake hands with.

For More Information

Am I Going To Be Okay? Weathering the Storms of Mental Illness, Addiction and Grief is available at Amazon.
Pick up your copy at Barnes & Noble.
Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.

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Spotlight Tour: The Second Death by T. Frohock

Title: The Second Death 
Author: T. Frohock 
Release Date: March 29, 2016 
Publisher: Harper Voyager Impulse 
Genre: Historical Fantasy 
Format: Ebook

Save the world, or save his family… For Diago Alvarez, that’s the choice before him. For unless he wants to see his son Rafael die, he must do the unthinkable: Help the Nazis receive the plans to the ultimate weapon. And while Diago grows more comfortable not only with his heritage, but also with his place among Guillermo’s Los Nefilim, he is still unsure if he truly belongs amongst them. In a frantic race to save the future of humanity, Diago is forced to rely on his daimonic nature to deceive an angel. In doing so, he discovers the birth of a modern god—one that will bring about a new world order from which no one can escape. The Second Death is the final chapter in T. Frohock’s haunting and lyrical Los Nefilim trilogy, which bestselling author Mark Lawrence has called “a joy to read.”
   photo addtogoodreadssmall_zpsa2a6cf28.png photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpgB&N

T. Frohock has turned her love of dark fantasy and horror into tales of deliciously creepy fiction. She currently lives in North Carolina where she has long been accused of telling stories, which is a southern colloquialism for lying.


Tour Schedule

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#PBwkendread Review: IT by Stephen King

644173Title: IT
Author: Stephen King
Published: Sept. 15, 1986
Published: Viking Penguin 
Pages: 1138
Genre: horror
Review: Hardback
Buy Links: Amazon, 

Derry: a small city in Maine, a place as hauntingly familiar as your own home town. Only in Derry the haunting is real...
It began for the Losers on a day in June of 1958, the day school let out for the summer. That was the day Henry Bowers carved the first letter of his name on Ben Hanscom's belly and chased him into the Barrens, the day Henry and his Neanderthal friends beat up on Stuttering Bill Denbrough and Eddie Kaspbrak, the day Stuttering Bill had to save Eddie from his worst asthma attack ever by riding his bike to beat the devil. It ended in August, with seven desperate children in search of a creature of unspeakable evil in the drains beneath Derry. In search of It. And somehow it ended.
Or so they thought. Then.
On a spring night in 1985 Mike Hanlon, once one of those children, makes six calls. Stan Uris, accountant. Richie "Records" Tozier, L.A. disc jockey. Ben Hanscom, renowned architect. Beverly Rogan, dress designer. Eddie Kaspbrak, owner of a successful New York limousine company. And Bill Denbrough, bestselling writer of horror novels, Bill Denbrough who now only stutters in his dreams.

These six men and one woman have forgotten their childhoods,have forgotten the time when they were Losers...but an unremembered promise draws them back, the present begins to rhyme dreadfully with the past, and when the Losers reunite, the wheels of fate lock together and roll them towards the ultimate terror.
In the biggest and most ambitious book of his career, Stephen King gives us not only his most towering epic of horror but a surprising re-illumination of the corridor where we pass from the bright mysteries of childhood to those of maturity.

Spring-Into-Horror 2016 Read-A-Thon Closing post

Wow IT was a huge book for me to read. I honestly was worried I wasn't going to be able to finish the book in time, but at 4:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon I was able to close the book and just go whew! I am glad I read IT as it is now a book I can say I read and that I rather like the movie a whole lot more.
Below is the progress I made every day as far as pages read. As you can see there were a few days I fell short so on the 24th I ended up kicking it into fast reading so I could finish.
Make sure to check back later to see the review of IT, as I am still wrapping my head around it.

April 18
Pages read-164

April 19
Pages read-208

April 20
Pages read- 113

April 21
Pages Read-100

April 22
Pages Read- 178

April 23
Pages read- 152

April 24
Pages Read- Finished the book

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Interview and Spotlight with Author Ju Ephraime

Title: The Elusive Highlander
Author: Ju Ephraime
Published: April 15, 2016
Publisher: ENVISION Business & Computer School Publishing
Pages: 171
Genre: Historical Fiction
Buy Links:

Coira Ainsley had his life in her hands and didn’t even know it… Alasdair Campbell was born a Highland warriors with the supernatural strength of the berserkers of his time, until, on the eve of his wedding, he was killed by poison at the hand of his neighboring clan. Desperate to keep him alive, his mother, a Druid Princess, performs a geas that sends his spirit wandering, and for hundreds of years, he drifts through time, never settling anywhere for long. Waiting for his bride to be born.
When he finally finds her, it’s a battle of wills. His bride is from the 21st century and he’s from the fourteenth century. At first he thinks her a spy until he realizes, spy or no, he wants her and will not rest until he has her and makes her his wife. So he devises a plot. If it fails, he’ll be back to wandering through time again. Alasdair doesn’t want that; he’s had his fill of wandering. Now he wants to live, to experience life as it was meant to be experienced, with his bride at his side.

Without any warning, he moved closer to her and very gently brushed his lips against hers. The action was so unexpected she stood there, frozen. He must have taken her lack of resistance as permission because he repeated the action. His lips were firm and soft. She found herself waiting for the feel of them against hers again as she stood with her eyes closed and her lips extended. He didn’t keep her waiting. He kissed her for the third time, softly and excruciatingly slowly, as if she were a butterfly and he was scared of frightening her away. If this was a coaxing, a tempting, an initiation to his kind of kissing, as well as a strategy to break down her defenses, he was succeeding beautifully. Coira could feel her heart racing as her blood coursed through her veins, igniting a fire in her. She was afraid to breathe too deeply for fear of disturbing the focused concentration he had on her lips. She felt as if she was flying; Coira lost track of time and had no idea how long he spent caressing her lips. She knew only that she would remain this way forever if need be.
He took hold of her face and traced the seam of her lips with his finger, all the while following the path of his finger with his lips. He did not offer to enter her mouth. All this kissing was done to her lips. If his purpose was to make her crave more, he was succeeding beautifully. She couldn’t help touching his finger with the tip of her tongue, thinking to take it into her mouth.
With a hoarse groan, he moved his hand to her head and followed her tongue inside her mouth, stroking it with his in a velvety dance that had her moaning, opening to give him better access. She brought up her hands, plunging it into the silken fall of his flaming hair. She was kissing him back with the same rapacious hunger with which he appeared to be kissing her when, suddenly, he was gone. One minute she was running her fingers through his hair and the next she was holding air… He had spun on his heels and walked away.

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Re-Read Review: Forever (The Guardian Series Book 2) by Gillian Joy

13111311Title: Forever (The Guardian Series Book 2)
Author: Gillian Joy
Published: March 14, 2012
Publisher: AALG
Pages: 247
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Review: ebook
Buy Links: Amazon, 

Hannah’s life has never been easy, despite her strong willed determination and her extra “gifts”, it's still always been hard work keeping an entire world full of the supernatural under control, but having achieved a small semblance of control over most of the custas, Hannah was hoping to be able to slip back into her life of normalcy. Wishful thinking when you're the guardian of all supernatural.
With all the issues she’d had to endure in her past, she'd never had to worry about the mermaids before, so why would they choose now to suddenly start haunting her dreams and her life. Then there are the fairies to contend with as well, just when she manages to get one aspect of the crudelitas under control, the others decide it’s time to start causing problems.
All Hannah wants is some quiet family time and a chance to reflect on her feelings for Gabriel but instead she's thrown back into the thick of the supernatural world, and this time it threatens to invade the quiet family life she has worked so hard to establish. There's no running away this time, she has to front the challenges head on, but forever can be a long time if you can't be with the one you love.

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Book Blast and GIVEAWAY: The Little Wine Guide by Ariel Heart

Title: The Little Wine Guide
Author: Ariel Heart
Publisher: Blazing Sword Publishing, Ltd.
Pages: 60
Genre: Nonfiction

Don’t know much about wine? From Cabernet to Chardonnay, from buying wine to enjoying it; this jam-packed little book removes the mystery and makes learning about wine fun. The Little Wine Guide is presented in a conversational tone and helps you discover what interests you in the world of wine as you embrace your personal wine style.

For More Information

You have decided it’s time to learn a little about wine. You don’t want to get carried away, but you would like to get a handle on why you like some wines yet others are just yuck. Maybe you were at a friend’s house and the wine your friend raved about tasted nasty to you, but the recommendation at the restaurant was the best wine you have ever tasted. Perhaps that guy or gal in your life enjoys wine and you want to know some basics at least. You have come to the right place my friend.

This book is your hack for wine, your quick start guide that provides a foundation and will give you ways to discover and enjoy wine your way. Such as, throwing your own wine tasting so you can experiment with wine and have a good idea of what you are actually doing. No need for a hefty book that you won’t read but may end up as a doorstop. Wine can be fun and interesting, and I’ll prove it. In this guide you will be provided with the critical basics to jump-start your wine education and do your own wine tasting for yourself or with friends and family.

We will follow two imaginary people in this guide, Michael and Jessica. We will help both of them meet their wine education goals and learn alongside them in the process.

Michael is your average guy who never thought much of wine; it doesn’t go with football or baseball. But Michael is seriously dating and his gal likes wine, her parents even collect wine.

Michael wants to make a good impression on his potential in-laws, so he is looking to get a quick wine education before the big dinner where he meets them. He isn’t planning on impressing anybody, but he wants to share in the wine experience and converse with some knowledge. We will give Michael the foundation he needs to skate through the important dinner and even be able to share a little about what he likes using the language of wine.

Jessica is single and building her career. It’s time to leave college keg parties and jungle juice behind and prepare for the client entertaining and high-powered social mixers she will be expected to partake in.

She needs to understand what she likes, and navigate the champagne luncheons and wine socials without blinking an eye. We will get her on her feet and help her find her own wine style and taste. As always, drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive.

Watch the Book Trailer

Ms. Heart is a wine enthusiast on her personal wine journey who found most books on wine either too textbook, too long, or packed with information she didn't need or want to know. Eventually, she was collecting the information that she found pertinent to enjoying wine without a degree in viticulture. She thought others might like to have the short cut to the core material as well. Thus was born the idea for The Little Wine Guide. So, join her on this wine discovery journey! Ms. Heart has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and has worked in Fortune 500 companies and Department of Defense most of her life. She is a Colorado native who loves the mountains and wildlife, but doesn't ski, and currently volunteers at a cat shelter, played clarinet for a short time, and dabbles in drawing, watercolor, and acrylic painting. 
For More Information


Ariel is giving away a wine basket!

Terms & Conditions:
  • By entering the giveaway, you are confirming you are at least 21 years old.
  • One winner will receive a beautiful wine basket.
  • This giveaway begins April 4 and ends on April 29.
  • Winners will be contacted via email on May 30.
  • Winner has 48 hours to reply.
Good luck everyone!


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Re-Read Review: Guardian (The Guardian #1) by Gillian Joy

28235947Title: Guardian (The Guardian #1)
Author: Gillian Joy
Published: Dec. 15, 2015
Publisher: AALG
Pages: 282
Genre: Paranormal
Buy Links: Amazon, 

Destiny is a pitiless mistress. Hannah is the Guardian now. Her mother’s murder by an unknown vampire fuels a journey of vengeance, desire and agony. She must find the one responsible, and in the hunt, finds that death is no mate to destiny. A handsome childhood sweetheart and another, dark and dangerous, vie for her affection as she searches for her mother’s killer. Determined to see justice, she must also protect the innocents of the Crudelitas from the corrupt influence of a few, and bring to order their governing body, the Custas. Is there love, once agony is exhausted?

NetGalley Review: Buzz Books 2016 Young Adult Spring/Summer Publishers Lunch

28543133Title: Buzz Books 2016 Young Adult Spring/Summer
Author: Publishers Launch
Published: Jan. 14, 2016
Publisher: Publishers Launch BUZZ books
Pages: 249
Genre: New Young Adult
Review: ebook
Buy Links: Amazon

This fourth edition of Buzz Books: Young Adult provides substantial pre-publication excerpts from 20 forthcoming young adult books. Now everyone can share the same access to the newest YA voices the publishing industry is broadcasting for the spring/summer season.
You will find a full range of YA titles previewed here—romance, fantasy, humor, literary and the first installment of five new series. Excerpts include new work from established giants of the field: David Levithan, Richelle Mead, Matthew Quick, and Maggie Stiefvater.
From John Corey Whaley and Kimberly McCreight to Kiersten White and Alyson Noel, this latest edition of Buzz Books: Young Adult has must-read selections from eight New York Times bestselling authors. As always, many Buzz Books are sure to make bestseller and “best of” lists.
Start reading some of the best future books right now, and then share the fun by telling your friends and family to download this free edition of Buzz Books for themselves at any major ebookstore or at
For even more great reads, be sure to download Buzz Books 2016: Spring/Summer, also available now, for the best in adult fiction and nonfiction.

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#PBwkendread/Spring into Horror read-a-thon 2016: IT by Stephen King

So if you saw my post before then you know all about Spring Into Horror read-a-thon. I did not randomly pick a book to read this week, as I will be starting IT on Monday the 18th. Hoping I can get through the book but who knows it may take me longer.

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#PBwkendread review: Witches Protection Program by Michael Phillip Cash

25586821Title: Witches Protection Program
Author: Michael Phillip Cash
Published: May 14, 2015
Publisher: Red Feather Publishing
Pages: 238
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Review: Paperback received by publisher and author
Buy Links: Amazon, 

Wes Rockville, a disgraced law enforcement agent, is given one last chance to prove himself and save his career when he's reassigned to a 232 year old secret government organization. The Witches Protection Program. His first assignment: uncover a billion-dollar Cosmetics company’s diabolical plan of using witchcraft for global domination, while protecting its heiress Morgan Pendragon from her aunt’s evil deeds. Reluctantly paired with veteran witch protector, Alastair Verne, Wes must learn to believe in both witches and himself. Filled with adventure, suspense and a rousing good time, Michael Phillip Cash creates a tongue-in-cheek alternate reality where witches cast spells and wreak havoc in modern day New York City.

Review: Zaconis - Guardian of Magic (The Energy Chronicles #3) by M.J. Schutte

21309928Title: Zaconis Guardian of Magic (The Energy Chronicles #3)
Author: M.J. Schutte
Publisher: Self
Published: Sept. 2, 2013
Pages: 310
Genre: Fantasy
Review: Ebook provided by author
Buy Links: Amazon, 

The explosive final installment of The Energy Chronicles

Erostagnos Livia Farasnei is flourishing and the Kingdom of Mendin prospers.
Life continues peacefully for Brighton and Lilian but unimaginable danger awaits the couple as a mysterious stranger enters the kingdom in search of the legendary wizard.
Lilian has to escape her magical prison to follow her husband across oceans, hoping she can regain his love.
Brighton faces an even tougher challenge as the destruction or survival of both human and spirit realms depend on his actions.
Brighton, Lilian and Mischief have to overcome great odds, battle fearsome creatures and draw on every last bit of their magic and willpower simply to stay alive in Zaconis – Guardian of Magic, the final chapter of The Energy Chronicles.

Book Spotlight: A Most Unusual Princess by Kelli A. Wilkins

Title: A Most Unusual Princess
Author: Kelli A. Wilkins
Published: March 4, 2016
Pages: 67
Buy Links: Amazon, 

Princess Elara needs to find a royal husband, but claims that no man can satisfy her. Her father hires Dalton, a special guard, to watch over her while she’s courting suitors. Dalton finds her unusual behaviors charming—and enthralling.

Dalton’s aloof manner intrigues Elara, and despite their differences, they share tender moments and intimate nighttime encounters. Elara is heartbroken when her father chooses a “proper” husband for her—until she meets the mystery man.

Bonus! This e-book includes a sneak peek at the second book in the “Royal Desires” series: A MOST INTRIGUING TEMPTATION.

Hi everyone, (From the author)

Today I’m sharing an inside look and spotlighting the making of my historical/fantasy romance, A Most Unusual Princess. This fun and sexy story is the first book in my “Royal Desires” trilogy. (The other two books are A Most Intriguing Temptation and A Most Unfortunate Prince.)

Together, they make up an exciting series, but each story stands alone as a separate read. Why? Because when I wrote A Most Unusual Princess, I never knew I was writing a trilogy.

A Most Unusual Princess is a sensual novella about unruly and willful Princess Elara, and Dalton, the handsome (and incredibly patient) guard tasked with protecting her while she searches for a suitable husband. The book is a unique blend of comedy, human drama, and romance. It’s also the first romance I ever wrote – and it was a lot of fun.

Although the fantasy genre wasn’t something I had written in before, I liked the idea of following a very headstrong and spoiled Princess Elara as she looked for a husband. From the outset, we learn that Elara is an opinionated young woman who is used to getting her own way. When Dalton innocently catches Elara doing something very unladylike, the Dalton-Elara love/hate/love relationship is born.

I enjoyed writing Dalton and Elara’s story and fell in love with them. I never expected I’d visit these characters again, but not long after completing A Most Unusual Princess, I knew Dalton needed his own book, so I wrote a sequel. And later, Elara’s brother, Prince Allan showed up and I decided to tell his story, as well.

I’ve been asked how I plotted the series. Did I use note cards to keep track of each character description? Did I make an overall outline of the whole trilogy, and then write each book?

Nope. The truth is… I just wrote the story that was in my head. I didn’t intend to write a trilogy – it kinda happened on its own. (With a lot of typing on my part, of course!) I wrote each book by itself, with its own setting, characters, plot, and theme, apart from the book that came before. So, although they make up a series, each book can stand alone as an individual read.

Dalton walked past her and entered her bedchamber. She stood in the doorway while he searched the wardrobes and looked under the bed. After last night’s fright, she was taking no chances.
There’s nothing… a-ha! What’s this?” He pulled a white silk stocking out from under the bed and waved it in the air.
Put that down.” She raced into the room and lunged for the stocking. Dalton held it over his head.
Is this what a princess wears beneath her dress?”
Give that to me.” She knocked him backward onto the bed and pounced on him.
This would make a nice remembrance,” he said, keeping the stocking out of her reach.
Beast!” She squirmed as they playfully struggled for the stocking. A moment later, Dalton turned his head and his lips brushed against hers.
She gasped. Dalton had stopped laughing and was staring up at her. She closed her eyes and felt his finger caress her cheek.
You’re beautiful,” he whispered.
The next thing she knew, Dalton’s mouth covered hers. The feel of his warm, moist lips sent a searing heat through her. After a few seconds of heaven, he pulled away.
I should not have done that.”
She licked her lips. “I’m glad you did. It was nice.” Her heart hammered out of control, and her lower body throbbed. This was the feeling she was supposed to have when she met with her suitors. “Kiss me again.”
With pleasure.”
Dalton curled his arms around her and pulled her down onto him. His mouth moved against hers, and fire flashed between her legs. She kissed him, tentatively at first, then with more passion as she was swept away by desire.
He slid his hands across her back and down to her buttocks. She moaned as he squeezed her through her dress. Was this what it felt like to have a man make love to her? Every night should be like this.
She ignored a faint rapping on the sitting room door. It was probably a lady-in-waiting coming to undress her for bed. She needed no help with her clothes tonight. Dalton was here, he could remove her dress and then…
Dalton broke the kiss and bolted upright. “It’s your father!”

Order your copy of A Most Unusual Princess here:
Order your copy of Book 2 in the series, A Most Intriguing Temptation, here:
Pre-Order your copy of Book 3, A Most Unfortunate Prince here:

Kelli A. Wilkins is an award-winning author who has published more than 95 short stories, 19 romance novels, and 5 non-fiction books. Her romances span many genres and heat levels.

In 2016 Kelli is re-releasing her romances previously published by Amber Quill Press. Visit her website and blog for a full title list, book summaries, and other information as it becomes available.
Her writing book, You Can Write—Really! A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fiction is a fun and informative non-fiction guide based on her 15 years of experience as a writer. It’s filled with writing exercises and helpful tips all authors can use.
If you like to be scared, check out Kelli’s horror ebooks: Dead Til Dawn and Kropsy’s Curse.

Kelli posts on her 
Facebook author page: and 
She also writes a weekly blog:

Visit her website, to learn more about all of her writings, read book excerpts, reviews, and more. Readers can sign up for her newsletter here:

Here are a few links to find Kelli & her writings on the web
Newsletter sign-up:

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Guest interview and GIVEAWAY: Coreena McBurnie

I would like to introduce you all to author Coreena McBurnie below is a guest interview and she has been very generous to do a giveaway for an ecopy of her book Prophecy.


An ancient princess, hidden prophecies, impossible choices…
Sixteen year old Princess Antigone, daughter of the infamous ancient Greek King Oedipus, wants to lead a normal life and fulfill her duty to the gods, her city, and her family, but fate has other plans. The Olympian gods bless her, the snakes talk to her, her parents want her to marry a foreign prince, her embroidery looks like burial shrouds for dogs, and she has fallen in love with the wrong boy.
When the mysterious and devastating prophecies surrounding her family are revealed, Antigone must choose where her allegiance lies: With the gods who have betrayed her family but who she is obliged to serve? With her plague ridden city? With her family which lay in ruins? Or even with herself?
In Prophecy, Book One of the Antigone: The True Story series, Antigone steps out of the shadows of the past to tell her own story, a story where truth of history is stranger than the fiction of myth.
Guest Interview -- Coreena McBurnie

1.) Do you have to have matching colored socks?
No, I usually have mismatched socks.
2.) Favorite book that you could read over and over?
The Odyssey by Homer.
3.) Have you ever had a nightmare and were able to remember it?
Yes, I have a horrible one about being chased and I'm screaming for help, but I can't make any sound.
4.) Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a cat named Izzy.
5.) If you could be reincarnated what kind of animal would you want to become?
A black jaguar.
6.) One place you would love to live or at least visit?
Greece. I've studied ancient Greece for so long but have never been. It looks so warm and beautiful there, and so full of history.
7.) Where do your ideas come from in your stories?
From Greek mythology. I usually find a character I like then try to explore the motivation behind their actions.

In this scene, the kings of Thebes have called on the blind prophet, Teiresias, to come and tell them who the murderer of the previous king is. They have been told that if they exile this murderer then Thebes will be rid of the plague that is killing its citizens. Teiresias is called and refuses to answer right away, giving all sorts of vague reasons why not.

Here's an excerpt from that passage:

Teiresias held onto my arms tightly, digging his bony fingers into my flesh. "Do you really want to know, Antigone? Do you really want to tear your whole world apart and do something that can't be undone? I won't tell your father, your uncle, your cousin, or your sister. The snakes already know, that's why they're here. Even the earth itself knows and is repulsed and sickened by what has happened. You feel that, don't you? I only hope that your father, the famous, or should I say, infamous King Oedipus, will hold up his end of the bargain and exile the murderer. But you, Antigone, I will tell you the murderer's name, if you really want to know."
Teiresias' fingers were bruising my arms. I barely dared to breath. I had to be strong, like my father. I had to be willing to do anything to help Thebes, just as he was. "Tell me," I whispered.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

My name is Coreena McBurnie and, ever since grade 5 when I had to do a report on Theseus and the Minotaur, I have had a soft spot for Greek mythology. When I hit university, I was drawn to the Classical Studies department (earning both a BA & MA), where I explored the archaeology and culture of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds — and also where I managed to read Homer’s Odyssey, one of my absolute favourite books, in the original Greek, something which was thrilling for me (I know, sounds crazy, but the poetry and scope of the original text is amazing). After a lifetime of “what is that?”, “why did you study that?”, and “what can you do with a degree in Classical Studies?” I have decided to write novels based in ancient myth and to bring so many of the stories I love to life for a modern audience, with my own spin, of course.
Prophecy, Book 1 in the Antigone Series, is my first published novel. Currently I am working on Book 2 in the Antigone Series, called Fate. I am also in the middle of another novel about Clytemnestra who is notorious in Greek myth for killing her husband, Agamemnon, when he returned home from the Trojan War. I love exploring the motives of strong women in ancient myth.
I live in BC, Canada with my husband, our three kids, and our cat, in a beautiful part of the country, on two rivers, surrounded by ranches, near ski hills, and only a couple of hours drive to the ocean.

Prophecy is available on: