Re-Read Review: Forever (The Guardian Series Book 2) by Gillian Joy

13111311Title: Forever (The Guardian Series Book 2)
Author: Gillian Joy
Published: March 14, 2012
Publisher: AALG
Pages: 247
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Review: ebook
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Hannah’s life has never been easy, despite her strong willed determination and her extra “gifts”, it's still always been hard work keeping an entire world full of the supernatural under control, but having achieved a small semblance of control over most of the custas, Hannah was hoping to be able to slip back into her life of normalcy. Wishful thinking when you're the guardian of all supernatural.
With all the issues she’d had to endure in her past, she'd never had to worry about the mermaids before, so why would they choose now to suddenly start haunting her dreams and her life. Then there are the fairies to contend with as well, just when she manages to get one aspect of the crudelitas under control, the others decide it’s time to start causing problems.
All Hannah wants is some quiet family time and a chance to reflect on her feelings for Gabriel but instead she's thrown back into the thick of the supernatural world, and this time it threatens to invade the quiet family life she has worked so hard to establish. There's no running away this time, she has to front the challenges head on, but forever can be a long time if you can't be with the one you love.

So I reviewed this book back in 2012 as well as the first book but my review is no longer on Amazon but it is on Goodreads. I decided to re-read this book to see if it was just as good as when I wrote my review it totally was.
As I started the book I couldn't remember much with this book so for me it was kind of like reading the book for the first time. I can honestly say this book was just amazing. The story line is freaking awesome, the characters are still very well developed and mysterious.

Hannah always tries to keep her family life away from her supernatural life but that kind of takes a turn for the worst when the fairies need her help and her children start learning who they are. It seems that they may have the gift/curse that Hannah has or they may just have been told what the supernatural creatures are, you just have to read that for yourself. 
In this story we not only get the fairies but the mermaids as well which is pretty neat and Hannah will finally get the answers to her questions that she has always had running through her head. Surprises will be revealed and make you want to find out more about what goes on in this world of Hannah and her crudelitas. 
I highly recommend this book as I am sure those who like the supernatural, clean romance, and action will enjoy this. 

Gillian Joy I'm a 46 year old mother of two who designs houses for a living and lives to write.I grew up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney Australia the eldest of five children. I had two younger brothers and two much younger sisters. I say had because one of my brothers died when I was only nineteen. You can read about his story in No Chance to say Goodbye when it is released.
I once had a boss who told me I had had a hard life but I never actually saw it that way. Life is what it is, and I had food, clothes, a roof over my head and a family who loved me. What's so hard about that?
These days I live on the Mornington Peninsula, south east of Melbourne Australia where I spend as much spare time as I can either with my nose in a book or writing away on my phone. I love it here, there aren't too many places in the world that with less than a ten minute drive you can watch the sun rise over the water, or you can watch the sun set over the water, and there's just something extra special about watching the sunset over the beach, something dreamy and romantic. I live with my husband, two beautiful but willfull kids a few fish and a very spoilt English Staffie named Cleo.


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