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Review: The Enigma Strain (Harvey Bennett #1) by Nick Thacker

Title: The Enigma Strain
Author: Nick Thacker
Published: Nov. 27, 2014
Publisher: Turtleshell Press
Pages: 296
Genre: Adventure/science fiction
Review: ebook provided by StoryCartel
When a bomb goes off at Yellowstone National Park, the reclusive park ranger Harvey "Ben" Bennett is startled to realize that the blast wasn't the only threat: the bomb released some sort of virus into the air, and it's beginning to infect and kill more and more people.

It's a race against time as Ben teams up with a woman from the CDC to figure who's behind the attacks, and how to stop the next one.

Review: Shadow Out of the Sky (Transitional Delusions #1) by Brick Marlin

Title: Shadow Out of the Sky (Transitional Delusions #1)
Author: Brick Marlin
Pages: 221
Published: Dec. 21, 2014
Publisher: Seventh Star Press
Genre: Horror/ Dark Fantasy
Review: Ebook provided by Tomorrow Comes Media

An evil entity invades and terrorizes a small town by possessing children, forcing their hands to kill and slaughter each and every adult, while a small group fight to survive in this apocalyptic tale.
The entity's plan is to shove the human race into extinction so a new world can Shift forward, a new world designed by four demons called The Reckoning that flying inside their own transparent spheres.
A scarecrow crucified on a wooden cross made from a pair of two-by-fours sits in a field of corn, placed there to frighten away birds and protect the crops. Under its straw hat large buttons pose as its eyes, placed there by child’s fingers, view something sinister in the grave sky, appearing in front of the full moon.
Twisting, it forms into a sleek black mass, peer…

Cover Reveal: Rediscovering Peace by Steffy Rogers

Cover Reveal in

Rediscovering Peace – Military Love Vol. 1  Author: Steffy Rogers  Release Date: May 29th 2015 Genre: Contemporary Romance Photographer: S.M. Talkington Photography Cover Models: Bill Scott & Lori Whalen Cover Design: Kari Ayasha Cover to Cover Design

What do you do when your world comes crashing down on you? Skye Donovan has spent her whole life moving with her parents from one duty station to another. Each time has forced her to say goodbye more times than she can count. When her dad finally retires from the U.S. Army and they settle down in Savannah GA, she finds herself in the strong arms of Oliver Nelson. Skye finally has it all - a loving fiancĂ©, the career of her dreams and friends she can always count on. But one day everything changes. After all that she has been through, will Skye be able to pick up the pieces and open up her heart again? Braden Parker has spent eight long years getting over the one that got away. Even being engaged to another woman couldn'…

Blog Tour: Gabe Alvarez Security Agency by: Maryann Jordan

Alvarez Security Agency Former Special Forces brothers-in-arms now working together to provide an elite security service in the southern city of Richland. Gabe Malloy, dedicated to his brothers, spent his weekends with cheap booze and easy women. When some of his friends finally settled down, he wondered if he would ever find the woman of his dreams. He just never expected to encounter her in an alley. Jennifer Lambert worked as a social worker for the city and would often take food to the elderly residents in her building. One night, in an alley behind a restaurant, she was startled by a tall, handsome man wanting to assist. Giving him the cold shoulder, she left…but dreams of him followed her long into the night. Gabe knew the independent Jennifer was a woman worthy of knowing, but convincing the beauty that she needed him was the challenge. Raising her young brother plus the responsibilities of the elder center, had kept her from looking for love…but she took a chance on Gabe. Now …

#PaperbackFriday Review: Real Beast: Abused by Brian Arthur Levene

Title: Real Beast: Abused
Author: Brian Arthur Levene
Publisher: Gully Gods Publishing
Published: November 14, 2013
Pages: 244
Genre: Real story
Review: Paperback won via GoodReads

What becomes of a marriage to someone who has been sexually, physically, and emotionally abused for fifteen years by their own father? Real Beast: Abused is a gripping and compelling true story of two people whose love becomes corrupted by their past, family ties, cultures, and their Muslim and Christian religion.
The strikingly beautiful Laila, a Pakistani Muslim’s life is plagued by every type of abuse from a young age, which leaves her distorted, conflicted, and questioning her sexual identity. Her husband Arthur, falls victims to Laila’s attempts to replace her own culture and religion with a material and carnal way of life. Soon he realizes there's a hidden side to Laila's long term agenda which may not involve living a heterosexual lifestyle.

Real Beast: Abused is a must read for anyone with …

Review: Truth or Die (Bragg #6) by Jack Lynch

Title: Truth or Die (Bragg Thriller #6)
Author: Jack Lynch
Published: Feb. 3, 2015
Publisher: Brash Books
Pages: 304
Genre: Thriller/Mystery
Review: ebook provided by NetGalley and the publisher

The sixth novel in the multiple Shamus and Edgar Award nominated Bragg series that placed Jack Lynch among the masters of detective fiction.
Bragg runs into Jo Sommers, a woman he longed for many years ago…and who is now unhappily married. Hour's later, she's accused of murdering her husband. Bragg agrees to help prove that Jo is innocent, discovering a tangled web of blackmail, extortion, and murder, stretching forty years into the past…to a secret so horrible, it’s still worth killing to keep it buried.
(Originally published under the title Monterey)

The Rising Trilogy Complete Boxed Set by Amy Miles

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The Rising Trilogy box set featuring full length novels: Defiance Rising, Relinquish and Vengeance
Defiance Rising:
Illyria has never known a life without the Rebellion.  Instinct.  Survival.  Nothing else matters…until she ventures out into unknown territory and is faced with an enemy that proves even more fierce and determined than she ever thought. 
Bastien is infuriating, dangerous and annoyingly gorgeous. Eamon is familiar, comforting and turning into a man before her eyes. Both want her heart...but she is torn between duty and desire. When her choice affects all of mankind, how can she allow herself to be selfish?  There is a power within her that can change everyone’s fate…but she underestimated the most potent force on Earth—love. Illyria must discover if she has the strength to sacrifice her heart to save mankind 
The rising is over, but the war continues to rage. King Aloysius kn…

Paperback Friday

I know you are probably wondering what this post is. Paperback Friday! Well in one of my groups on Facebook that I am a part of and you can join. It is Wanda's Amazing Amazon Reviewers. The admin Wanda had a neat idea to read paperbacks or hardbacks whatever, but the reason was to put down the ereader. Neat idea. I for one am so darn backlogged with reviews that I have promised authors that I need to get through those first before I can actually read a regular book. So I sat here and thought it through and was like you know I am never going to be able to probably sit back with an actual paperback again so why not start something. Hence this gave me the idea via Wanda to do paperback Friday. All you have to do if you want to join in on the fun is just pick up a paperback/hardback book on Friday and read through the weekend, lets give those ereaders a break. Also I have this same idea going on my facebook page Fallen Over Book Reviews but with the idea to also post your book or boo…

Blog Tour: F.U.B.A.R. by Joe King

Title: F.U.B.A.R. Author: Joe King Series: F.U.B.A.R. (Book 1) Genre: Action/Comedy/Horror Publisher: Self Published Release Date: Dec 24 2014 Editions/Formats Available In: eBook and Print Blurb/Synopsis: An aimless, down on his luck man discovers a clandestine government agency tasked with combating supernatural evil, beneath the grounds of a mental health hospital where he works; the agency, the Frontline Unified Battalion of Arcane Resistance (F.U.B.A.R.). Getting recruited for their cause, he is accidentally afflicted with a curse, casting the sensible ego aspect of his personality into a subconscious prison, allowing his psychotic id to take over his body. Now this madman must lead a motley crew of supernatural agents, including a punk rock witch, a werewolf, a medium and the ghost of his best friend, and a female Japanese ninja, against a globe spanning, world devouring evil, whilst dealing with the monsters inside his head.

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Review: Lost and Found by Jeff LaFerney

Title: Lost and Found
Author: Jeff LaFerney
Published: April 28, 2015
Pages: 228
Genre: Mystery/ teens/ YA
Review: ebook provided by author to give an honest review.

In 1939, a sole Jewish smuggler immigrates to America to preserve a heritage Hitler hoped to erase. In 1944, two spies enter the United States on a mission to track down one man and a treasure of missing Spanish gold. In 2014, the immigrant’s son, his mind deteriorating from dementia, disappears, but not before he leaves his grandson clues, thrusting him into a mystery seventy-five years in the making. Blake Nolan and his girlfriend set out to unravel clues that could not only set secrets from history right again but also lead to two priceless treasures. With his grandfather’s life in the balance and suspects hot on Blake’s trail, will what was lost be found in time?

Release Day Blitz: Everything (A Songbird novel, book 3) by Melissa Pearl

Everything (A Songbird novel, Book 3) by Melissa Pearl
April 23, 2015 Jody Pritchett had a dream...but life had other plans. Instead of singing and dancing on Broadway, Jody's a twenty-year-old single mom, living at home with her disapproving father and overbearing sister. The choice to keep her little Angelia came with a high price and although she adores her baby girl, it doesn't take away the sting of kissing goodbye her chance at a career on the stage. Leo Sinclair had his own dream...but got lost along the way. After a failed marriage that left him hollow and downtrodden, the Australian songwriter wonders what joy his future could possibly hold. Encouraged by the one family member who doesn't think he's a failure, Leo decides to stop living the life everyone expects him to and start chasing his dreams again. When the perfect opportunity comes knocking, Leo leaves Australia behind and hops a flight to LA. With his sights set on selling a musical to a Broadway produce…

Sale: The Misses Trilogy book 1 & 2 by Marie Garner

AMAZING SALE  Book One 99c Amazon: US I UK I CA I AU Barnes & Noble

When America’s sweetheart…
Brea Richards is America’s sweetheart. Dubbed Miss Congeniality by the media, Brea has spent years honing her current reputation. And being one of the leading stars of a prime time television show…priceless. It’s a long way from her humble beginnings, but that’s her secret to keep. Or at least that’s what she believes until she gets the phone call.
Meets America’s bad boy…
Lance Holder is America’s bad boy, the guy they love to hate. He lives life the way he wants, and makes no apologies, regardless of what anyone thinks. All everyone sees is the tattooed, motorcycle riding, reckless movie star, preventing anyone from looking beneath the surface. And that’s just fine with Lance. Until his new gig puts him right in the path of Brea.
Will either one escape unscathed?
Lance is the newbie on Brea’s show, and everyone is watching to see if America’s bad boy will influence Miss Congeniality. They don…