Review: Shadow Out of the Sky (Transitional Delusions #1) by Brick Marlin

Title: Shadow Out of the Sky (Transitional Delusions #1)
Author: Brick Marlin
Pages: 221
Published: Dec. 21, 2014
Publisher: Seventh Star Press
Genre: Horror/ Dark Fantasy
Review: Ebook provided by Tomorrow Comes Media

An evil entity invades and terrorizes a small town by possessing children, forcing their hands to kill and slaughter each and every adult, while a small group fight to survive in this apocalyptic tale.
The entity's plan is to shove the human race into extinction so a new world can Shift forward, a new world designed by four demons called The Reckoning that flying inside their own transparent spheres.
A scarecrow crucified on a wooden cross made from a pair of two-by-fours sits in a field of corn, placed there to frighten away birds and protect the crops. Under its straw hat large buttons pose as its eyes, placed there by child’s fingers, view something sinister in the grave sky, appearing in front of the full moon.
Twisting, it forms into a sleek black mass, peering down upon the town of Woodbury. Four demons called The Reckoning has pulled this shadow, this urban legend from the past, out of an unmarked grave to bring terror across the planet, shoving it toward an apocalypse.
Now it cuts through the air, as if it were opening wounds in flesh, peering down at the first house that it hovers over...

I received this book to give an honest review. 

So if I was to pick this book because of the cover I would probably pass it up. For the amount of gore and amazing graphic stuff written within the book this cover doesn't do the book any type of justice. With that being said I have to review and rate the book and not the cover.

We have a small town who is going on about their daily lives that is until all of a sudden the kiddos start becoming murderers. Yes I know kids killing adults what is the world coming to? 
Now the book gives you different narrators and as anyone knows I am not a big fan as at times it gets confusing as to who is who. Though I have to say in this story I wasn't confused I knew which character was who and I am thinking because of not only the personalities of the characters but the names were no where near being close to each other so it was easy to tell them a part. 
What has turned these kids into killers you may ask? Well that all has something to do with the revenge that has been set into the town hundreds of years ago. 
We watch as the adults fight for survival from an entity not of this world. 
Now all the characters come together in some sort of way, but not in a good way. The one survivor that is at the end is someone I didn't even think would be a survivor.
The way scenes were described I literally was going OMG half the time, some of the kids asking "do you want to play" reminded me of the child in Pet Cemetery.  See freaky right there. Now when the kid's transform into something else entirely I was kind of like whoa! Where in the hell did that come from, but it all goes back to the history of the town. It seemed way supernatural.
I have to say I was in awe of how good this book was. This story is what I look for when I read horror. The graphic and gory scenes are amazing and had me making sure my own kiddos weren't under demon possession lol. 
I really enjoyed how the author used the old story of the pied piper and had it twisted in an amazing way the plot was unique and the characters were relatable in some way.
I honestly don't know how else to write this review but say get your copy if you are into horror and gore. 

Brick Marlin
Brick Marlin has been writing since he was a child. From an early age he was exposed to older, original horror movies. The great ones that have made a mark in history. He also tackled reading the likes of Stephen King, Clive Barker, Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, Dean Koontz, Charles Dickens, Harper Lee, H.G. Wells, W. W. Jacobs, etc. Thus, he decided to engage himself and write horror and dark fantasy, scaring readers such as his parents, his friends, a handful of neighbors, and even leaving a few school teachers scratching their heads wondering if the boy should be committed or not with his gruesome tales of terror. Short story ideas continued to visit. A book idea or two sometimes stopped by for a sit. In 2007 he decided to take a more professional approach with his work. Hence, as a member of the Horror Writers Association, already having eight books published by small presses with more in the works coming soon, nearly twenty-five short stories published, adding to the few anthologies and collaborations with other authors, Brick Marlin trudges onward, hoping to achieve more creations, living in the minds of his characters making decisions such as whether to turn the knob and enter through the Red Door, or perhaps try and take a chance at the Blue Door, the one that is already ajar, a bony finger beckoning the next visitor.


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