Paperback Friday

I know you are probably wondering what this post is. Paperback Friday! Well in one of my groups on Facebook that I am a part of and you can join. It is Wanda's Amazing Amazon Reviewers. The admin Wanda had a neat idea to read paperbacks or hardbacks whatever, but the reason was to put down the ereader. Neat idea. I for one am so darn backlogged with reviews that I have promised authors that I need to get through those first before I can actually read a regular book. So I sat here and thought it through and was like you know I am never going to be able to probably sit back with an actual paperback again so why not start something. Hence this gave me the idea via Wanda to do paperback Friday. All you have to do if you want to join in on the fun is just pick up a paperback/hardback book on Friday and read through the weekend, lets give those ereaders a break. Also I have this same idea going on my facebook page Fallen Over Book Reviews but with the idea to also post your book or books so we can all see what you are reading. If you want to do this on twitter just use the hashtag #paperbackFriday 

Below is my book that I am reading. I won this on GoodReads and I have been needing to get with it. 
Here is the amazon link:

So wanna join in on the fun? Go for it!! 


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