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Destiny of Angels by Wendy Steele

Destiny of Angels


Traumatic events in her childhood, send Angel Parsons upon a different life path.

Fifteen years later, with the help of her new 'family' and the resurrected relationship with Jenny Parkes, her only friend from school, Angel confronts the perpetrators of her misery. Rather than seeking revenge and to free herself from her past, Angel uses the skills she has acquired to offer her persecutors the chance of redemption.

Will Angel fulfil her destiny and put her past behind her or will the demons she unleashes consume herself and her 'family' and leave her empty and alone once more?

My Review:

I purchased this book when it was free on amazon, but before that I received a copy from the author to give an honest review.

I feel really bad giving this book 3 stars. I honestly felt as though there was too much jumping around in the book between the characters. As soon as I would get into the story of say Jenny it would bring up Tiffany or Clara before it seemed the writing was done for that page. I would find myself going back to make sure I did not miss a page because I felt there was a gap.

This story seems to be about if you met new people or introduce yourself into new things, your life will open up more. Out of all the characters I would have to say the one I enjoyed the most was Jenny. Going through what she went through with her husband, she has came out strong and very independent. I love how she handled herself and opened herself up to new things in her life even if she thought she would not succeed she did not stray.

There is nothing really paranormal in this book such as vampires, werewolves, shifters. But more about magic and the choices the characters make in this life. Along with not getting revenge but helping those even if they did you wrong.

I do have to ask did Tiffany really talk that way or was that just a lot of misspellings?
This author does seem very talented, but I just believe this book was not for me.

My Rating: 3 wine glasses

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Giving away going on Rebecca and Courtney's Blog

There is an awesome giveaway going on Rebecca and Courtney's blog! They are two amazing authors that have written wonderful books.

1. Night Marchers
2. Redemption

Now they have started a series called Project ELE

1. Project ELE
2. Finding ELE
3. Exposing ELE

Want a chance to win then head to their blog for a chance.

The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus by: Anastasia Vitsky

The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus


In some countries, turning 21 means gaining the right to vote and drink alcoholic beverages. For Claire Labraun, the Christmas after her 21st birthday would be beyond her wildest imagination. 

Minelle and Matthew Labraun believed in a traditional marriage. Matthew was head of their household, and Minelle was his help-meet  When it came to raising their headstrong 21-year-old daughter, however, they found themselves at a loss. Minelle had always taught Claire to do the right thing for right’s sake. Claire, however, had different ideas. 

She rebelled against their rules, flaunted authority, and connived to get things she wanted. She had never been spanked in her life; Matthew and Minelle kept that adult privilege strictly between themselves. 

But this year, a visit from Santa plus Claire’s newly adult status would change her idea of Christmas forever.

My Review:

I received this book from the author to give an honest review. Okay let me just say this is my first ever to read about about spanking in any form. It was a decent read for me. It was a story within a story. lol if that makes sense. Though I did find that at times I could not tell between the story being written by Claire and Ana and the story being told that I guess Claire was living. If that makes a bit of sense. I think the only thing that bothered me was the exchange between Claire's parents. I felt as though the father even though he was sweet seemed a bit controlling outside of the bedroom. Now please note: THIS IS MY OPINION. Just the way he would grab Claire's mother's hand and squeeze a bit hard at the diner it seemed kind of as though the were other underlining things going on. Claire finds out her parents have lied to her about Santa being real. She finds out that Santa is real when she is on the naughty list for lying and deceiving to get herself an iphone. When she gets swept away to the North Pole she receives her first spanking ever ( from the person you list expect). This is a new twist on Christmas and a quick read. I will say that is book is suitable for 18 . Funny, a bit sexy, well written! If you enjoy this genre or would like to step out of your genre then give this book a read! Will definitely be reading another book by this author.

My Rating: 4 wine glasses

Please go here to post your review on this book

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Author Tara Brown

 Author Bio:
Tara Brown is Canadian Author of Paranormal Romance and Post Apocalyptic novels in the New Adult genre. She is a fan of the Zombie Apocalypse and is quoted as saying she writes New Adult "Because Authors should write what they know and I cuss and have sex so New Adult fits the bill"

One tragic event can change everything in a life.
It can change the way we see the world around us.
Sometimes it can change the worlds we see.
Worlds we didn’t know existed.
When she slips into the In-Between for a few seconds she sees him.
He's more beautiful than anything she has ever seen before.
She's drawn to him in a way she's can't explain.
Between the popular girls being poisoned and loves first kiss,
she hardly has time to chase down a mystery man.
As the poison that sent her to the In-Between wreaks havoc on her body,
the man she met there is equally damaging on her heart.
Discover how it all started,
how it all unfolded
The first time
Cursed   Book 1 in the Devil's Roses Series
Tara Brown's Other Books:
Bane (Devil's Rose Book Two)
Hyde (Devil's Rose Book Three)
Witch (Devil's Rose Book Four)
Death (Devil's Rose Book Five)-Coming Soon
Vengance- Coming Soon
Born to Fight (Born Book Two)- Coming Soon
Light of The World (Light Book One)
The Four Horsemen (Light Book Two)- Coming Soon
Black Water- Coming Soon

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Wingless and Damned by Dawn White

Wingless and Damned


Alexander is the Alpha wolf of the Neuri werewolf tribe, set to destroy anything associated with the dreaded strigoi. Lea is a magnificent Fae -- or so she believed but she soon discovers she may not be after all. With Alexander, Lea’s and basically the worlds fate is in the hands of the mated pair. They must act fast and not just on the revenge they so desperately need. Can their love save us all? As Lea and Alexander’s souls hang in the balance they come to realize we are all a little Damned

My Review:

I downloaded this book when it was free on amazon.

Let me say that this book was a good read, but the reason I gave it 4 stars is because there could be some improvement. The way that the two main characters met Lea and Alex I thought there was going to be more spark, more romantic gestures with them two. I felt the relationship they had was purely based on looks and that they "had" to be together because of destiny. 
I also found Lea too okay with fighting with the pack, I guess I would have thought her to ask more questions than just jumping into it.
I also was not happy with reading about a battle, then the next you know it is over. It seemed to me as though parts of the book were missing. I do think this book could use some improvement but it did not defer me from wanting to read book two if there is one. 

I have never read about a hybrid before in a book so this was a first for me and the author did a really good job with it.

Wingless and Damned has a GREAT story line, and the characters were quite enjoyable to read and the sex part was great. Where this story left off I can tell and I hope that there will be another book to this one. I do want to see if Lea and Alex will succeed with their mission.

My Rating: 4 wing glasses

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The Shadow and the Rose by Amanda DeWees

The Shadow and the Rose (Ash Grove Chronicles, book 1)
Sixteen-year-old Joy, a plain but feisty junior at Ash Grove High, is plunged into a dangerous love triangle when a classmate’s dare brings the chameleonic teen model Tanner into her life. Falling in love with Tanner can only lead to heartache—and danger—because he is trapped in a complex relationship with the seductive, powerful Melisande, a seemingly ageless supermodel. Melisande’s youth and beauty may be drawn from a sinister source... and she does not look kindly on rivals for her protégé’s affections.
At the same time that Joy is fighting to free Tanner from Melisande’s grasp—and from his own feelings of worthlessness—she struggles to cope with her father’s cancer and the discovery that her seemingly peaceful school is a conduit for supernatural energy. Without her father’s guidance, Joy must find within herself the strength to confront both the supernatural threat and her own unexpected pregnancy—and to save Tanner’s life

My Review:

I received this book from the author to give an honest review.

First let me say I LOVE the cover, it is amazing. Very down to earth.
Now on to the story. If you love YA paranormal than this is the book for you it is filled it with young love, some magic, and the paranormal. I found myself staying up way to late to see what was going to happen next. 

Joy is a feisty, sweet and mature for her age sixteen year old. Who has lost her mother and her father is away from the school that he is an English teacher at. Ash Grove is a special school for those that have a talent whether it be a dancer, actor, or a musician this school is the place for you. Joy knows she is not beautiful as those that attend the school but she does not let that bother her much, she has a couple of friends that she loves hanging with and is okay with not being in the popular crowd. 

One day Melisande comes into town and she is a big celebrity and she has a special guy in her life named Tristan. Joy and Tristan meet by accident in a graveyard and that is when their feelings for each other start. But will Melisande let Tristan or Tanner as he was used to be called go away or will she keep him for herself.
Joy will fight for Tanner even when others think there is nothing that can be done. Because not only does she love him but she has something that will keep them joined no matter what. On the other hand Melisande has a hidden agenda with Ash Grove and Joy is going to uncover it. 

The characters were very well written and I loved reading the dialogue between them all. The only thing I had trouble with is the Melisande for the life of me I just could not pronounce the name so I kept calling her Melissa. 
There is young love, heartache, magic all rolled up into one. 

My Rating: 5 wine glasses

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Cynthia Lucas
Cynthia Lucas

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Within the Shadows by Julieanne Lynch

 Within The Shadows (Shadow World, #1)   

Living on the razors edge, Giselle Burgman's life is torn apart by her cheating boyfriend. Little does she realise that he is the least of her worries when her long term friend Alex introduces her to his family and a new, darker world. A world of lies, deceit and corruption. Thrown from one problem straight into another, the razors edge gets thinner and sharper, testing Giselle's sanity and vitality. Not even she can hide when living within the shadows.

My Review:

I received this book from the author to give an honest review.

I do have to say this was a very good book, but to me it is not suitable for YA there is a lot of explicit content in here. That being said I felt so bad for the main character Giselle she was forced into a life she did not want to live. Her so called best friend Alex who at first I thought was the good guy turned into the bad guy, and I found myself wanting to slap him. With the vampires in this book they are not good they are evil, they have an evil agenda. Like most vampire books you get the girl who wants to live the lifestyle and she finds this romantic vampire and they run away happily ever after for eternity well not here. Giselle doesn't know who to trust, she is abused, and at times frightened. But she has to be strong to live and figure out what to do not only for her but for someone else.

Now where the ending left off I can tell there is going to be a second book and I can not wait to read it. I want to see if Giselle and Antoine will live and will Giselle be Queen or will she figure something out.

This is an amazing paranormal story that you should give a read!

My Rating: 5 wine glasses

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Interview Questions with Michelle Turner


1.      What are 3 things that will not be found on the internet about you?
My weight (no-one other than me and my doctor need to know that), my first pet’s name (most common security question so I’m not gonna share that with y’all), my exact address ( if you don’t already know it, then you don’t need to know it.)
2. What are 3 things that you need to get your morning going?
The snooze button to shake off the last little bit of sleep, my tooth brush and a cold drink (I’m not cool enough to be one of those coffee loving people.)
3. Do you happen to have a favorite author?
I don’t have one author that is a favorite. I have several that I love to read.
4. Where did you get your inspiration to write your book?
I’d been reading a lot of werewolf/shifter stories and one night the idea came to me. It all revolved around the wolf pretending to be a stray dog and not revealing himself to his mate until she needed saved. The idea hounded my thoughts for months before I finally broke down an outlined out the characters and wrote the lake scene.
5. What is the hardest part of being a writer?
I find editing the hardest. It is so easy to miss the grammar mistakes and such when you’re going through 60,000+ words.
6. What is the easiest?
Developing my characters and writing out their stories. When the characters feel like old friends who are dictating their stories to me to share with the rest of the world how can it not be easy and fun. 
7. What made you decide to become an author?
I’ve always seen writing as my outlet and I finally felt like I had a story other people would enjoy reading.
8. Tell us a bit about your book for those who have not read it yet.
Reviving Bloom is the story of Bloom & Pike. Pike is a wolf shifter who is trying to come to terms with the loss of his father and his new position as Alpha when he comes across the scent of his mate, Bloom. Bloom knows nothing about Pike’s world and for a year she’s been trying to deal with losing the only parent she’s ever known, her dad Michael. By pulling her into his world they dig up old secrets that had been kept from her and to get all the answers they have to search out the mother who abandoned Bloom at birth.
9. What's with the cover photo and why did you chose it?
The wonderful Stephanie Mooney did the cover. I went in not knowing how I wanted it to look at all, so she asked me about the characters and about one of my favorite scenes and she created my beautiful cover from that.
10. What book are you reading now?
I just finished reading Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn and I’m getting ready to start Susan’s Summer by Maddy Edwards.
11. Will we see another book by you soon?
I’m currently working on a YA book titled Promised. I’m hoping to have it finished and out by the spring and then I’m going to start on the follow-up to Reviving Bloom.
12. Were any of your characters inspired by people in real life?
Not fully. I may have used bits and pieces of my friend’s personalities, but none of my characters are completely modeled after one person.
13. Have you thought about writing a different genre?
I already am. Promised has taken me away from paranormal for a little while and so far I’m loving writing it, but I can’t wait to dive back into my shifter world.
14.  Any advice for anyone wanting to be a writer?
If you find inspiration hits you write it down. It may lead to nothing or like me it could lead to your first book.
1. 3 things that make you happy?
My family, chocolate, and a good book
2. 3 things that make you upset or mad?
Seeing my son cry, when people make moronic assumptions about stuff they don’t really understand, and liars.
3. If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you want to be stranded with? 
My husband and son. You didn’t say I only had to choose one and I can’t picture my life without either of them.
4. What is your favorite show?
I have become addicted to Sons of Anarchy and since it’s a new addiction I’ve had to go back and catch up on the past seasons.
5. What is your favorite book that you could read over and over?
Anything by Kristen Ashley. That woman can write a bada** like no other.
6. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
Read. I always have my kindle or a book within reach.
7. Favorite food?
  Chicken (fried, baked, with noodles, I love it anyway I can get it.)
8. Favorite drink? Alcoholic or non-alcoholic.
 Diet 7-up
9. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
I’d be happy anywhere as long as I have my husband and son by my side, but Ohio will always hold a little piece of my heart.
10. The new cool thing now that we read about is vampires and werewolves, angels and demons. Which would you pick and why?
Werewolves! I like seeing how the different authors handle the pack situations and whether they go along with the true mates that you find in many werewolf books. Plus who doesn’t love a hot alpha male. 
Thank you for taking time to be interviewed.

About the Author:
Michelle is a 28 year old native Ohioan. Go Buckeyes! She lives with her husband and son. When she isn't spending time with her family or working you can find her with her nose stuck in a good book. On October 3, 2012 she released her first book as an independent author, Reviving Bloom.
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Reviving Bloom by Michelle Turner

Reviving Bloom

Bloom was abandoned by her mother at birth, but thanks to her dad she never once felt unloved. When he is killed in a car wreck, leaving her without any close family, she spends a year mourning him. She feels as if her heart has been cut out of her chest and nothing is left but an empty hole that she doesn’t think will ever heal. Then one night after work she finds a wounded dog in the woods behind her house and takes him in, not realizing he’s more than just some stray dog but a wolf shifter, who happens to be her mate.

Pike is getting over the loss of his father by running full force away from his responsibilities. He’s getting ready to go back to face his new position as the Alpha of his pack when he catches the scent that can only belong to his mate.

When Bloom finds out she may not be the normal human she always thought herself to be, she’s forced to search out the woman who abandoned her at birth.

“Pike, I’m far from perfect,” I sigh, hiding my face back behind the door under the pretense of gathering the cooking supplies. I hear him hop down seconds before I feel his arms wrap around my waist.
His lips pressed to my ear and he whispers, “In my opinion you’re perfect and anyone that disagrees will have to answer to me.” Moving his mouth farther down to the crook in my neck he breathes, “Though you should know this little freckle right here might be the reason you are so perfect.” Then he takes my breath away by planting those deliciously kissable lips right on that freckle. I grab the counter in front of me and slam my eyes closed, praying for him to only move those lips if he’s going to take them from my neck to put them on my mouth, and for the first time since this madness began I thank the lord he can read my thoughts because he spins me around and gives me exactly what I was praying for.
He starts gently but when I throw my arms around his neck digging my fingers into his raven hair his lips become demanding and I part my lips so he can join his tongue with mine. We can’t get close enough, can’t get enough, and in that moment I feel fairly certain I’ll never be able to get enough of this man in my arms. His kisses taste sweeter than hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, and hot fudge sundaes combined.

My Review:

I received this book from the author to give an honest review.

I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters. There was one character in the book that reminded me of my best friend not only by them both having the same name but the way they acted. My best friend's name is Bonnie and the way the character Bonnie (in the book)  was written out, it sounded just like my best friend. The sweetness, and attitude sounds just like my best friend, I would think the author knew my best friend if I didn't know better lol.

There were many parts in the book that had me laughing and one part that had me cringe.
The giggly parts are as followed:
1.When bloom is in the bathroom having a conversation with herself about laying in the same bed as Pike, she realises that maybe he is listening. To find out why he would be listening you have to start reading.

2. Another giggly moment was on page 138, and the conversation is between Bloom and Bonnie.
"And Bloom if you even get a tingle in your gut about me, being mated to anyone, take some pepto and get rid of that tingle fast."
"I can't take pepto to get rid of a gut feeling Bon."
"Have you ever tried?" She asks with her hand on her hip as she watches me seriously.
Well no, I admit.
"Then you can't say it won't work. Pepto helps with a lot of stomach issues, gut instincts might be another to add to the list."

3. At the end with the two characters Bonnie and Tucker and the start of their story. I can definitely see a lot of them in book 2!

I loved how Bloom and Pike had nicknames for each other. Pike's being Tennessee and Bloom's being Darlin' it is just sooooooo cute!

Now I was a little skeptical on Bloom's full reaction to the news Pike told her. She seemed to take it all in stride, and I didn't expect that, nor did I expect her to freak out like in other books, so that was a plus. I guess I expected her to be more surprised and ask a lot more questions. That was the only thing out of the whole book that kind of bothered me.

I love reading about shifters, and Reviving Bloom was a wonderful read. Great story, great and lovable characters, humor, romance, action and of course hot shifters. All put together made an amazing story. I can not wait for book 2. Where this book left off has me really wondering what is going to happen next. I know it will be just as amazing as this one.

My rating: 5 wine glasses

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Interview with Tonia Brown

About the Author:
Tonia Brown’s short stories have appeared in a variety of anthologies. She has cranked out several books, including The Cold Beneath, Badass Zombie Road Trip, Skin Trade, and the erotic steampunk series Clockworks and Corsets. Tonia lives in North Carolina with her genius husband and an ever fluctuating number of cats. When not writing she raises unicorns and fights crime with her husband under the code names “Dr. Weird and his sexy sidekick Butternut.”


1. What are 3 things that will not be found on the internet about you?
My exact weight, my middle name, and the name of my teddy bear. Two of those things are deliberately concealed bits of information, and the other just never comes up. Can you guess which is which?
2. What are 3 things that you need to get your morning going?
Coffee, silence and coffee. Did I mention coffee? Don’t talk to me! I’m drinking my coffee!
3. Do you happen to have a favorite author?
Neil Gaiman, baby! That man’s words are like chocolate for my brain.
4. Where did you get your inspiration to write your book?
From a friend’s description of how Sundowner’s Syndrome affected her nursing home residents.
5. What is the hardest part of being a writer?
Promotion. There is a fine line between selling yourself and smacking everyone over the head and screaming,  “Buy my book!” every chance you get. I walk that line all the time, and find myself on either side more than I want to be.
6. What is the easiest?
Writing. I know it sounds silly but the simplest thing about this whole gig is the actual writing part. Everything else is the real work. Writing is like recess in kindergarten, while editing and promotions and other stuff is like having to grow up and get a real job.
7. What made you decide to become an author?
I had a story to tell. Couldn’t be helped.
8. Tell us a bit about your book for those who have not read it yet.
Sundowners is a backwoods southern horror about the importance of family, the dangers of gossip and the nature of the artistic muse.
9. What was the inspiration behind the story?
I hear a friend talking about the medical syndrome and I wondered what it would be like if everyone in a small town, not unlike the one where I live, were to start sundowning.
10. What's with the cover photo and why did you chose it?
Philip R. Rogers is my cover artist. The cover is a direct result of his genius. I love to leave these things in his hands because I know I will never be disappointed.
11. What book are reading now?
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith
12. Will we see another book by you soon?
I just finished penning a humorous fantasy novel Gnomaggedon. It’s about a beautiful land full of magic and wonder and undead gnomes. Lots and lots of undead gnomes. (And I don’t mean the garden variety!)
13. Were any of your characters inspired by people in real life?
Oh yeah, that is such a loaded question. I suppose I should confess that the answer is yes and no. I did use people I know, but not in total. I used some folk’s habits or backgrounds, but not their entire personality.
14. Have you thought about writing a different genre?
Have I? Heck, I already do! I not only write horror, I also write in fantasy, romance, humor, steampunk, scifi, even a bit of erotica now and again. I love just writing the story, no matter where it takes me.
15.  Any advice for anyone wanting to be a writer?
Read. Rinse. Repeat.
1.3 things that make you happy?
My husband, kittens, music.
2. 3 things that make you upset or mad?
Idiots, headaches, when my friends hurt.
3. If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you want to be stranded with? 
My husband. I know most folks would pick a celebrity or someone they admire, but I really do admire and love Mr. Brown. He is the cleverest man I know and never fails to make me laugh. Who wouldn’t want that on an island? (Plus he has already seen me naked and I’ve farted and puked and other bodily stuff in front of him so all of that would be out of the way. What? I’m being serious!)
4. What is your favorite show?
I adore BBC’s Sherlock, but Dr. Who is still the best show ever made in the last hundred or so years.
5. What is your favorite book that you could read over and over?
Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman is the only book I have read more than three times. It’s hilarious!
6. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
Play video games or crochet.
7. Favorite food?
Fried chicken!
8. Favorite drink? Alcoholic or non-alcoholic.
9. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
There are a lot of places I would love to visit, but I really like where I am living now. North Carolina is a beautiful state. That said, I think it would be cool to live on the moon.
10. The new cool thing now that we read about it vampires and werewolves, angels and demons. Which would you pick and why?
Werewolves, because out of all of the monsters, they retain the most humanity. Their lot is a terrible curse with little benefit. Their suffering is closest to our own.
Thank you for taking time to be interviewed.
Thanks for having me along!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Review of Sundowners by Tonia Brown

Title: Sundowners

Author: Tonia Brown

Published: September 30th, 2012

Genre: Horror

Word Count: Approx. 80,000

Cover Art: Philip R. Rogers


Sundowners is a backwoods southern horror about the importance of family, the power of gossip and the nature of the artistic muse. Fifteen years ago, siblings Coil and Cassiopeia suffered an incident in the woods behind their family home. An incident that neither of them can remember in full, that nearly killed Cass and left Coil accused as her abuser, and robbed young Coil of his artistic potential yet boosted his little sister into an almost overnight sensation in the art world. Now, fifteen years later, the self-exiled Coil has been called home to deal with his world famous sister as she suffers from Sundowning; severe and violent personality shifts after the sun sets. In order to cure her, the pair of siblings must come to terms with their old demons, both figuratively and literally. An ancient and terrible horror has risen once more from the backwoods of the family home, and this time it threatens to not only tear their family apart, but also the entire world.

Naomi eyed the straight razor she’d nipped from Mr. Baxter’s shaving kit. He wouldn’t mind that she used it to cut the donations from the aged, spotted backs, wrinkly thighs and flabby arms of the residents. She reckoned he would be mighty proud to have been so involved. Now it was her turn to make a donation. She still had a few squares left to work into the quilt, but that could wait. This was more important. They all should give their fair share.
She took up the razor and turned it on herself. Naomi cut away her fair share with a few determined slices, not to mention a whole lot of wincing and hissing. Using the corner of the razor, she peeled back the edge of her square, just a bit. She grasped this loose end of flesh and yanked, pulling along the guidelines she had worked into her own calf. The bloody square came away in one piece, then slipped from her trembling fingers with a wet slop to the floor. No bother. A little dirt wouldn’t make it any worse for wear. She planned on washing the whole quilt when she was done anyway.
Lightheaded and nauseated, Naomi picked up her needle and went back to work.
The voice guided her tired hands, assuring her that this was the right thing to do.
For the community.

My Review:

I received this book from the author to give an honest review.

First let me say the cover is amazing! And this book is perfect for Halloween.

Sundowners is a perfect chilling story that will have you turning the pages just to find out what is going to happen next. I actually had to look up the word sundowners because I wanted to know if it was truly part of Alzheimer, and sure enough it is. That freaked me out a bit, because I thought the author just kind of made up the word and what it meant.

This book flowed well together and the plot was great, you didn't feel rushed into reading it. The characters were likable, though the only problem I had was the name Cassiopeia I was very glad that her full name was not used all the time since I would have problems thinking about how to say it.

I loved Aunt Beth. She was one of those funny, tell you like it is type aunts. Now one of the other characters who was minor in this book Bernie the conversations between him and Coil were hilarious.

There were a few chapters that introduced minor characters and what they did just left you chilled. Tonia has a great way of making you feel the gruesomeness in the book which I LOVED.

What would you do if you had no memories of what happened to you and your sister when you were kids? What would you do if you had a muse that could kill you and those around you?
What would you do if you woke up at night with no memory of you drawing gruesome pictures?

Well all those questions have answers in this book!  

I can not wait to read more by this author because she is that damn good! Sundowners was creepy, thrilling, and gruesome. Thank you for the wonderful read.

Wish I could give this book more than 5 wine glasses because it deserves it.

My Rating: 5 wine glasses.

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