Giving away a Kindle when she hits 500 likes!

Listen up peeps! This author needs 500 likes and she is sitting at 491 at the moment can you and your friends go by her facebook page and just simply click the like button PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE! I know this author would love it.
This is from her status on her page!
6 HOURS and 20 MINUTES LEFT TODAY: and we are ONLY 15 LIKES away from 500!!! If we make this by the end of the day, I am upgrading this Giveaway to a FREE KINDLE FIRE! Can we do it? Let's give this one more big push and see if we can take it over the edge!! Bring some people on over here to LIKE the page, click on the Giveaway Tab and follow directions on the widget to sign up!!( *Note: You MUST click on the Giveaway Tab at the top of my page to enter, and follow directions on the widget. Liking the page alone doesn't automatically enter you.) C'mon....let's DO IT cause I REALLY wanna give that Kindle away to some lucky reader for Christmas. :) ♥
Cynthia Lucas
Cynthia Lucas


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