Destiny of Angels by Wendy Steele

Destiny of Angels


Traumatic events in her childhood, send Angel Parsons upon a different life path.

Fifteen years later, with the help of her new 'family' and the resurrected relationship with Jenny Parkes, her only friend from school, Angel confronts the perpetrators of her misery. Rather than seeking revenge and to free herself from her past, Angel uses the skills she has acquired to offer her persecutors the chance of redemption.

Will Angel fulfil her destiny and put her past behind her or will the demons she unleashes consume herself and her 'family' and leave her empty and alone once more?

My Review:

I purchased this book when it was free on amazon, but before that I received a copy from the author to give an honest review.

I feel really bad giving this book 3 stars. I honestly felt as though there was too much jumping around in the book between the characters. As soon as I would get into the story of say Jenny it would bring up Tiffany or Clara before it seemed the writing was done for that page. I would find myself going back to make sure I did not miss a page because I felt there was a gap.

This story seems to be about if you met new people or introduce yourself into new things, your life will open up more. Out of all the characters I would have to say the one I enjoyed the most was Jenny. Going through what she went through with her husband, she has came out strong and very independent. I love how she handled herself and opened herself up to new things in her life even if she thought she would not succeed she did not stray.

There is nothing really paranormal in this book such as vampires, werewolves, shifters. But more about magic and the choices the characters make in this life. Along with not getting revenge but helping those even if they did you wrong.

I do have to ask did Tiffany really talk that way or was that just a lot of misspellings?
This author does seem very talented, but I just believe this book was not for me.

My Rating: 3 wine glasses

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