Platypire's Read-A-Thon August

Picture courtesy of  Marybel          

Well I am jumping on the Platypire's read-a-thon for the month of August. Now if any one knows me when I set a goal I HAVE to finish it, if not then I am literally upset over not doing what I set out to do. 
I am not sure how to do my list exactly so I am going to put a list up of all the books I need to read and review and see how many I can finish this month.

This list does not include by #PaperbackFriday only because I have no clue what I will be reading on the weekends as far as paperback goes. This also doesn't include the book of the month I am reading for WaAr's Reviewer group for the month. 

Just click on the title of the book to me linked to my review.

6. The Blind by: Shelley Coriell

7. Head in the Box by: C.P. Kemabia

8. This Is Where It Ends by: Marieke Nijkamp

9. The Murderer's Daughter by: Jonathan Kellerman

10. Prep For Doom by: Band of Dystopian


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