Guest Post: Shari Lopatin

Title: The Apollo Illusion
Author: Shari Lopatin
Published: May 19, 2018

How Babies and Tablets Inspired this Dystopian Novel By: Shari Lopatin

 Babies and tablets. The rise of propaganda. Rosh Hashana dinner. These were a few of the factors that led to the inspiration behind my debut novel, The Apollo Illusion.
I love reading the story behind the story from favorite authors, like Margaret Atwood or Junot Diaz. So when Autumn asked me to write a guest post on what inspired MY first book, I couldn’t resist. OK, I actually felt special. That’s allowed occasionally, right?

The Story Behind the Story
Everything began in September 2013, when I’d gone to my mom’s house with my boyfriend and sister for Rosh Hashana dinner. In case that sounds like Elvish to you, Rosh Hashana is the Jewish New Year, because our calendar goes by the moon (I know, we’re weirdly Twilight like that).
While munching on noodle pudding and roasted chicken, my mom started telling us about a news story regarding babies…

Revelations by Stacey Rourke

Title: Revelation Author: Stacey Rourke Published: May 10, 2018 Publisher:Anchor Group Pages: 64 Genre: New Adult/ Novella Review: ARC ebook provided by author Buy Link: Amazon

Unimaginable evil is closing in, leaving the Garrett family with only one option … run.
Yet one thing they can never escape is the truth, and that is racing for them with vicious intent. Secrets are swirling and lashing all around, threatening to tear the family apart when they need each other the most. Beloved family matriarch, Grams, is doing all she can to protect her grandkids from looming demons and hellhounds. But, the pull of destiny is drawing them near and blocking any hope of escape.

New Release: Secret Keeper by Jane Harris Questions and Answers

Secret Keeper: My Myth Trilogy, Book 2
By Jane Alvey Harris
ISBN-10: 1983954799
ISBN-13: 978-1983954795
AISN: B0793M17ZK
Jane Alvey Harris Publishing (March 20, 2018)
$6.99 ebook/$13.49 print
Coppell, TX - Award-winning author Jane Alvey Harris announces the release of her second My Myth Trilogy YA fantasy psychological thriller, Secret Keeper (ISBN 978-1983954795). As in the first novel in the series, Riven, readers are swept inside the mythical imaginary world created by Emily, a teen who finds the trauma and abuse she has endured to be vastly more than she can handle. Harris is the recipient of the 2016 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Gold Medal for Best E Book, Young Adult Fiction and the 2016 BookLife Prize in Fiction in the Young Adult category. In Secret Keeper, seventeen year-old Emily has accepted the truth of her past trauma and made peace with her battered ego. Although she's won the first battle, the war in her psyche still rages. T…

NetGalley: Noah's Rainy Day (A Liv Bergen Mystery #4) by Sandra Brannan

Title: Noah's Rainy Day Author: Sandra Brannan Published: Sept. 1, 2013 Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Pages: 397 Genre: Murder Mystery Review: ebook provided by NetGalley and publisher Buy Links: Amazon, 

From birth, Noah Hogarty has lived with severe cerebral palsy. He is nearly blind, unable to speak, and cannot run, walk, or crawl. Yet his mind works just as well as any other twelve-year-old’s—maybe even better. And Noah holds a secret dream: to become a great spy, following in the footsteps of his aunt, Liv “Boots” Bergen.

Now, freshly returned from training at Quantico, FBI agent Liv Bergen is thrown into her first professional case. Working side by side with veteran agent Streeter Pierce, enigmatic agent and lover Jack Linwood, and her bloodhound Beulah, Liv must race to find five-year-old Max—last seen at the Denver International Airport—before this Christmastime abduction turns deadly. Meanwhile Noah, housebound, becomes wrapped up in identifying the young face…

NetGalley: Lot's Return to Sodom (A Liv Bergen Mystery #2) by Sandra Brannan

Title: Lot's Return to Sodom Author: Sandra Brannan Published: May 25, 2011 Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Pages: 333 Genre: Murder Mystery Review: ebook provided by NetGalley and publisher Buy Links: Amazon, 

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is no place for button-downed citizens--unless they're trying to hide a murder.
Sharp-witted Liv Bergen can't avoid becoming embroiled in murders, it seems. Her family's hometown of Sturgis, South Dakota, is quickly becoming the Sodom of the Black Hills during the dog days of summer as it hosts the infamous rally of grizzled hard-core motorcycle bikers--half a million of them. Crime comes too close for comfort when Liv must solve the mystery of a beautiful young townie to clear her brother's name.
Liv witnesses the vile death of another young woman, and during her investigation of both crimes she attracts the uninvited attentions of the menacing leader of Lucifer's Lot--the baddest of the bad biker gangs. Her quick wi…

NetGalley: In the Belly of Jonah (A Liv Bergen Mystery #1) by Sandra Brannan

Title: In The Belly of Jonah  Author: Sandra Brannan Published: Sept. 1, 2010 Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press Pages: 277 Genre: Murder mystery Review: ebook provided by NetGalley and Publisher Buy Links: Amazon,

In the Belly of Jonah is a fast-paced mystery with a likable protagonist and an intricately woven narrative brimming with bizarre yet believable twists. The first in a series, the book expertly lays the groundwork for Liv Bergen, amateur sleuth, and her love interest, FBI Agent Streeter Pierce.
Liv becomes involved in the investigation of the murder of Jill Brannigan, a summer intern at the limestone mine Liv manages near Fort Collins, Colorado (a breathtaking setting that unwittingly becomes an accessory to crime). In doing so, she inadvertently puts her friends, her family, and herself at risk of being swallowed in the belly of a madman bloated with perverse appetites for women, surrealistic art, and renown. Perhaps a bit too daring (and at times irreverent) …

NetGalley: The Neighbor by Joseph Souza

Title: The Neighbor Author: Joseph Souza Published: April 24, 2018 Publisher: Kensington Books Genre: Mystery/thriller/psychological Review: ebook from NetGalley Pages: 352 Buy Links: Amazon,  

In a taut psychological thriller filled with breathtaking twists, Joseph Souza explores the tangle of betrayal and deception between two neighboring couples, and asks how well we can really know others--or ourselves.

It all seems so promising at the start . . .
When Leah and her husband, Clay, move from Seattle to Maine, she envisions a vibrant new neighborhood packed with families--playmates for her twins, new friends she can confide in and bond with. But while Clay works long hours to establish his brewery, Leah is left alone each day in a nearly deserted housing development where the only other occupants are aloof and standoffish.
Bored and adrift, Leah finds herself watching Clarissa and Russell Gaines next door, envying their stylishly decorated home and their university careers. B…