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I love helping out authors, and I love being part of tour companies that need a host to help them get their work out. So if you think we can work together just contact me below.

Now on this blog I promote, ALL work. Paranormal, Sci-fi, New Adult, Young Adult, Mature Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Spanking, Bondage, Dystopian, and many more genres of books. Pretty much anything that needs promoting I am willing to help out. I DO NOT PROMOTE work that has incest, bestiality or rape.

I do have another blog side called K&A's Children's Book Reviews  If your book is a Children's or Teenage book that does not contain anything graphic, sex, kissing, anything at all that falls within those type of categories then I will promote your book on that site. My email is the same so you can contact me below.

Contact: Autumn  abookreviewer (at) yahoo (dot) com


  1. Dear Autumn,

    Thank you for allowing me to make a guest-post on your page with some background information to my new noir-fiction novel, The Cedar Cage.

    Originally, The Cedar Cage was supposed to be a sequel to my autobiography Samphire Coast (a bestseller for my publisher, Pegasus), but as my narrative developed, it became clear to me that the setting for the boathouse, which was our new Riverside home (formerly a boathouse) could be transposed to an altogether even-more isolated location, than its village setting. And thus inspired by not only the dense pinewoods at Holkham, but also the woods at Stiffkey, where I walked my dog Barnaby (Boo) most mornings – the idea propagated into a much-darker and deliciously Gothic multi-layered fictional tale, as tangled and treacherous as the Norfolk marshlands beyond.

    The boathouse had been built by an Edwardian aristocrat – from a single cedar of Lebanon – as a retreat, maybe even a cage, for his glamorous American bride. But in 2008, just weeks after moving into this dream home, Bertie starts to feel uneasy about living inside someone else’s fantasy.
    Obsession takes hold when he becomes convinced that a carpenter, commissioned to fulfil Lord James Newton-Grey’s vision, was murdered in the boathouse. His investigations immerse him in a sinister web of family secrets, as tangled and treacherous as the Norfolk marshlands that lie beyond his windows.

    Bertie’s own dark past plays tag with the present, driving him to the edge of madness, when he is forced to confront a chilling truth about himself – delivered by an unexpected visitor on Christmas Day.

    Readers of The Cedar Cage – like its characters – must make up their own minds: is Bertie’s strange, unquenchable imagination running riot … or has something genuinely supernatural been at work?

    Christopher Warwick (Royal biographer and broadcaster) says and quote: 'Robert Greenfield's cleverly crafted thriller is a real page-turner – original and compulsive'.

    Autumn, perhaps you'll be able to provide a review when you get some spare time, and I will be happy to send you a signed copy of The Cedar Cage as and when…

    Best wishes,


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