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Hello, my name is Autumn and I am 29 years old!
I have met new and wonderful authors along with wonderful book friends through facebook and blogging. Some of them have helped me out so much that I give a big thank you! I want to thank every one of the authors that has been kind enough to have me read and review their work! I have read some amazing books and I hope to build on the friendships I have made. You all have an amazing talent that I wish I actually had. You guys/gals can make a character come to like and make a story out of nothing. God has really blessed you all.

You can find my contact information under the Review Policy tab. Just click that and it will bring up what my policy is.
Feel free to email me at abookreviewer@yahoo.com if you are looking for request. But please make sure you read my Review Policy.


  1. Hi! I couldn't find a contact page or an email address, so I hope it's OK to leave my request here. I'm looking for pre-release reviews for my next book. It is in the young adult fantasy genre. Are you accepting requests for pre-release reviews? tabitha_short (at) hotmail.com

  2. Oh yes ma'am I forgot I did not post my email address! I will sure enough update! Sent you an email!

  3. I am looking for reviewers for my new environmentally-friendly book, The Sharing Tree. It is a reimagining of Shel Sliverstein’s classic, The Giving Tree, from an Aboriginal stewardship perspective for schools. It comes with free activity books for elementary school school classes and a teachers’ guide.

    Any chance you could help out? I would love to share a free copy with you!

    Thanks either way,
    Sean Thompson


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