Flirting with Death (Havenwood Falls Sin & Silk #12) by Nadirah Foxx

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Title: Flirting with Death
Author: Nadirah Foxx
Published: 8/16/2019
Publisher: Ang'Dorga Publishing
Pages: 142
Genre: Adult/ supernatural
Review: ebook provided by publisher
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What do you do when Death is in love with you?
Monte Tayute, laid-back biker and skilled computer hacker, has been haunted by visions of a gorgeous woman in black. It’s an endless dream with the two meeting on a dark road at Samhain. Nothing the nagual shifter tries seems to rid him of the constant image now playing havoc with his life.
In a different realm, Pandora is having her own reoccurring vision. Hers is of a man who rides a motorcycle on a lonely road. The Shinigami—a death spirit of the Japanese underworld—doesn’t want hers to stop. On the contrary, Pandora wants to know if the man is real.
When life meets death, the sparks fly. Monte allows Pandora to experience pleasure and love for the first time. Unfortunately, there’s an entity who’s been waiting on Pandora for over a century, and he’s not playing around.
Pandora doesn’t know that she’s supposed to become Death’s consort, and Monte isn’t ready to give her up.
It all comes down to a game between the shifter and Death. If Monte plays the cards right, he might cheat Death and keep Pandora. Fail, and Death will be the only one happy.

Love the name Pandora! Biker, death, romance, hot woman in heels. Well, what kind of story will you expect to take place? Pandora has never truly liked what she does by taking souls but it is a job one that she has been created for. Yet, when she decides she wants to be pleased and find pleasure by the man she keeps dreaming about her life and Monte will be in for a ride. I really enjoyed how the author talked a bit about the Japenese Shinigami – which is a death spirit of the underworld. Really really neat in my opinion. When Pandora finds out she is to be married to Death she isn't having it and soon Monte won't either you know these two are meant to be!

Nadirah Foxx, the alter ego for SF Benson, has a fondness for dark, twisted romance featuring suspense and adventure. Her characters are flawed. But no matter what their obstacles or demons might be they always find a way around them.


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