This Little Demon by Dale W. Reierson


Title: This Little Demon 
Author: Dale Reierson
Published: Dec. 6. 2012
Publisher: Self
Pages: 560 (print) 
Genre: Horror/Supernatural
Review ebook won
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Max and his roommates are living through the End of Days. The limitations of being on lock down are starting to put a strain on their relationships though.
Janet is the Control Freak, Ryan is the Whipping Boy, Howard is the Voice of Reason and Johnny is... Johnny's the Darkness. Oh and last but not least is Joey...and he is The Child. These are the friends who have been with him through the thick and thin of it. Stuck by him through the hard and lonely times when no one else would.
The problem, you see, is this...Max lives alone. He never knew his friends were different...not until that is he ended up in the insane asylum. Now though Max has an even bigger problem.
Since the Christ came back and gathered his Righteous Ones, things have become a bit strange. Where once Janet and the others had only seemed real...Now, now they are real. Now they drink his coffee and eat his dwindling food supply. They open doors, close windows, and chop away at the Zombie Hordes outside.
As Max tries to keep his mind together, his friendship is soon put to the ultimate test. For they have set forth on a Journey. A Journey that will take Max beyond anything he has ever imagined. Show him truths about who his friends really are and where they might be going.
You see, Joey the really an Angel and the others...Well, the others are something else entirely.

I won this book in a book reading challenge and I finally got to it. I have to say at first I really was getting into it and then I sorta just lost interest. It seems Max has split personalities but are they actually personalities? We start off with when Max was a kid and what he went through and then we end up in the end of times yet I wasn't sure how that went down. Now in the end of days the personalities split into actually people what Max has conjured them up to be. It seems something wants the one person that is a part of Max and is innocent in all of this and that is Joey. Yet, what does it mean? We see how the others all work together to protect Max but it seems Max will walk through danger just to protect Joey. We do switch character views through out the whole book and it was nice to have it told who we were reading about. I guess for me I just didn't really connect with any of the characters even though the plot seem to be decent I just found myself trying to finish the book so I could move on to something else.
I had questions that I don't feel like were answered.
1. Why was Max and his family chosen to host these "personalities?" (I put quotation marks on the word because they really aren't personalities they are something else)
2. Did no one question the doctor when he brought Max in again? 
3. What caused the end of the world and zombies? 
I think the author could clean this book up just a bit as far as making it more easy flowing. Not sure if I will read book two yet or not. 

Dale W. Reierson
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