The Black Trials (The Trials Trilogy) By Tara Benham


Title: The Black Trials 
Author: Tara Benham
Published: Sept. 6, 2017
Publisher: Benham Books ,LLC
Pages: 202
Genre: YA/Dystopian 
Review: ebook gift
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In a world where dreams and nightmares are monitored by the government, nothing seems sacred anymore.

Each year, thousands of sixteen year olds are forced to face the worst of their recurring dreams. If they survive, they are promoted to adult status. Once you're an adult you get to get a job, get married and only have your dreams monitored on a rotation schedule.

This year, I face my nightmares. I'm not sure what's scarier, the thought of my nightmares becoming real or that I might not survive.

I was gifted this book and I was glad I was because I haven't heard of this author before and I have to say I was very interested in this book as I was reading.

The book flowed so well that all I remember last night before I ended up going to sleep was I was at 32% but some how I got up to 74% before I closed the kindle.  Then picked it up this morning to finish it up. Sixteen-year-olds who will have to face their nightmares sounds pretty simple you would think. That is until it seems that Fanya who will be on of the teens to face her nightmares doesn't act like the other kids. She has something special about her and not only while preparing for her trials but later on she gets these mixed signals on what she is suppose to do. It seems that there is something else going on within the community and government to where all the chips are being placed on Fanya. The first trial being in Chernobyl and the way things were described sounds not like a place I want to visit. Everyone knows that if you haven't passed your trials you don't get a job but they don't know what actually happens to you. My only question on all of this is why was the government having these teens face their nightmares. What was the main point on this. Maybe in the other book it will tell us?
I do like the concept of being able to survive your nightmares to me that was a new idea in the book world. Where this book ended I am curious to read the next one, what the heck will the be next trial and who will survive. 

Tara BenhamTara Benham is a full time Occupational Therapy Assistant, and a writer who has a flare for being different. She's lived in Kentucky her entire life, but has visited many states, and has plans to see as much of the world as possible. For as long as she can remember she has always written stories, and had a big imagination that allowed her to live in her own little world, which lead to this current endeavor of writing books.

Tara is an avid reader, who has a love for all things YA, science fiction and fantasy. On any given day she can be found reading, or doing photography, another one of her passions. She hopes to continue to create books that bring out the imagination of all ages with the worlds she creates. When not reading, writing or taking photos, she is normally snuggled up to her fur-baby Lincoln and husband Billy, watching her favorite shows or jamming to music. Music is her one of her main muses for writing, and she is always searching for new inspiration.



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