Cloud 9: Black Eyed Demons by Dale W. Reierson


Title: Cloud 9 Black Eyed Demons
Author: Dale W. Reierson
Published: Dec. 3 2012
Publisher: Self
Genre: Horror
Pages: 374

It came with every breath, on every touch, and in every swallow.
It changed all life on earth.
All that was green is now red. The animals rebel with suicidal savagery. Genetic disorders are suddenly and miraculously cured. Super plagues have become pandemic and Chaos envelopes the earth.
It came from a previously unknown Stellar Cloud. The earth has passed near this Stellar Cloud before. In fact, it does every 25800 years. Only this time around… it went into it.
The world didn’t listen to the prophetic foretelling. They might have…if they had known the Stellar Cloud contained the building blocks of life. They might have …if they had known it was a Stellar Cloud of RNa.
Ribonucleic Acid: The catalyst, the key to the diversity of life and the backbone of every Virus ever imagined.
Wrapped in cocoons, the new gods are at the most vulnerable state in their evolutionary transformation. Their protectors, once human, are known as the Black Eyed Demons. They are stronger, faster and smarter than ever. They are the most ruthless, cold blooded killers ever created.
The Black Eyed Demons protect the Cocoons from what is left of the world, but who protects the world from the Black Eyed Demons. Change comes in many forms and only a handful of them are good.
Cloud 9 is an epic tale told through the protecting eyes of many; each unique yet uncannily familiar. It is a view of the world where the heroes are psychopaths, the mass of the population are infected, and the new gods transform inside cocoons. It is raw and guttural with the darkest of humor surrounding it.
Prepare yourself, it will take your personal demons and make them psychotic.

I received this book to give an honest review.

I would have given this book a solid five as I really enjoyed how people's DNA changed and it is not into something good and I really loved how the animals changed too. The whole catfish scene even though that was towards the end really got me.
I had to give it a four because well I felt that there were too many characters going on within the story. Yes I understood why each character had their own part within the story but, for me it was one way too many. 
When Stellar Cloud RNa comes about it turns everything red and not in a good way. People will have to survive and even those that do survive are not human they have changed. Their job is protect the cocoons that will come about in this new world. Yet we are not told too much if these cocoons are used for the greater good or not just that they need to be protected. 
There was a bit of sci-fi and horror mixed up within these pages. If you like a bit of both then check this book out. 

Dale W. ReiersonI am an author at Booktrope Publishing, I Direct film/documentaries, I am a firefighter/Capt of an Adv Life Support Ambulance, I am a bouncer, I am a Poet and I am a parent and I am Husband. I AM...


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