Guest Interview with T.W. Kirchner

Title: Dagger & Brimstone: Town From Hell
Author: T.W. Kirchner
Genre: YA Paranormal/Horror

Seventeen-year-old Racer and his girlfriend Arloe want to be together despite resistance from her parents. In defiance of an upcoming separation, they run away for the summer, going totally off the grid to a remote town in the Nevada desert. The teens think no one knows where they are—but they couldn’t be more wrong. Racer’s well-orchestrated plan for freedom turns into a nightmare from hell. Lies, deception and betrayal blur his lines of reality, and he discovers everyone in town is hiding a terrifying secret, including Arloe.

Dagger & Brimstone: Town from Hell
In the quiet house, freaky noises echoed from the spare bedroom. Arloe clutched the top of her towel and handed me a flashlight. She snagged a second flashlight from the bathroom and turned it on. I leaned the tablet against the wall, reached for the knife, and stood up. “Stay here.”
She stared at me with obvious disapproval. “We’re in this together.”
It wasn’t worth arguing over. From the doorway of the spare bedroom, I shined the flashlight on the closet door. Sure enough, a scratching noise was coming from inside it. I handed her my flashlight. “Keep both lights on the closet. I can’t open the door, hold the flashlight, and have the knife ready.”
She sounded breathless. “Racer, be careful.” I stepped into the room towards the closet, but Arloe grasped the back of my shirt. “I mean it. Be careful.”
I swallowed hard and whispered. “I will…but if something goes wrong, run. Take the bike and get help.”
Although her eyes were wide with terror, she shook her head. When I’d almost reached the door, I glanced back at Arloe. She winced with each horrifying muffled sound coming from the closet but kept both flashlights pointed at it. A loud thud, like someone punched the door, was followed by bursts of scratches—the pattern repeated several more times. It sounded like someone clawed their nails into the wood, desperate to get out. A faint, muffled squeal sent a shiver up my spine. I tried to act brave and keep my wits, but my heart pounded until I felt each beat in my head. “Hello…is someone here? Do you need help?”
The response was a series of scratches, but nothing more. Whoever was behind that door struggled to get out—which worried me. Why couldn’t they get out? I had no idea what to expect, but I assumed that the closet dweller was the shoeless visitor. With each step, the stiff carpet pricked the soles of my feet. I switched hands with my knife, wiped the sweat off my right hand on my jeans, and switched the knife back. I held it close to my body. I’d only ever used it as a tool—never a weapon. The closet door shook, escalating into a more violent motion as I drew closer. My left hand hovered over the knob, and my right hand clenched the knife in a death-grip. I glanced at Arloe.
The LED flashlight’s bluish glow made her face appear extremely pale. Delaying the inevitable didn’t make the task easier. With one swift motion, I clutched the round knob and turned it. It broke away from the door, slipped from my hand, and bounced on the floor. The flashlight beams darted around the room like strobe lights. Arloe trembled worse than a vibrating chair, and she couldn’t keep her arms steady.
Against my better judgment, I stuck two fingers into the hole where the door knob had fallen out. My fingers barely gripped inside the circular cutout, and it took all my finger strength to pull the door open. A splinter jammed under my fingernail at the same time something flew from the closet and smacked me square in the face. I stumbled backwards.

Although writing is my passion, my first loves are my husband, two children, and furry menagerie known as the Kirchner Zoo. I like to paint, draw, play tennis, and do yoga. If I could, I’d spend all my time outdoors. Anything wolf, pirate or zombie-related will grab my attention. I write action-packed stories with a touch of the supernatural. I have three series published through Short on Time Books, including Dagger & Brimstone, Pirates Off, and The Troubled Souls of Goldie Rich.

My blog, TWK Books and Creations
My Art & Books website:
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Twitter: @TinaInLV

1. Have you ever had a nightmare and were able to remember it?
 Oh yeah, many. I loved watching scary movies as a kid when they came on TV, but they didn’t really have a variety back then (at least they had TV haha). You pretty much had Dracula, who was THE vampire, Frankenstein, and a few werewolf movies. I remember dreaming that our house was invaded by a bunch of werewolves.
2. Favorite genre of movie?
 I have to go with comedy first, followed by action/adventure, and horror. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favorites. Me: I love Pirates of the Caribbean John Depp is amazing as Jack Sparrow!
3. Do you like chocolate?
 Dark chocolate junkie. I have a bowl of Dove darks on the counter always, but three a day is the maximum.
4.How old were you when you first started writing?
 I was the kid who would write pages when the teacher only needed a page. Looking back, they must have cringed.
5.Do you have any pets?
 I have the Kirchner Zoo, all rescues except for 14-year-old Chanel, a Jackaranian (Jack Russell/Pomeranian). The rescues are my twin Aussiedors (Australian shepherd/labs) Starla and Rebel, Turbo the Terror, I mean terrier, and Fireball the Chiweenie (chihuahua/dachshund) and three cats: Cupid, Siren, and Yoshi. In the Town From Hell, the teens find a black cat named Siren. At my house, Yoshi is actually my black cat and Siren is a Siamese mix.
6. If you could be reincarnated what kind of animal would you want to become?
 A flying wolf. Me: I actually had to look that up I have never heard of a flying wolf. That is a good animal to come back as.
7. Do you like clowns?
 No. They freak me out. Although, I was brave enough to go through the Freakling Brothers Clown House one Halloween. Fun Fact: Nevada has the Clown Motel in the middle of nowhere if you dare… Me: I have heard of that motel I so want to do it but I am too chicken lol. What happens if I die from being so scared lol.

Thank you for being on my blog. I hope you guys will check out her book if you need the link again it is below. Add it to Goodreads and buy it from Amazon!


  1. I want to thank Fallen Over Book Reviews for the opportunity of an interview. It is very much appreciated.


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