True Tales of Ghostly Experiences: The Ghost Family of Pennsylvania by Kathryn Kay

True Tales of Ghostly Experiences features a unique look into the world of paranormal activity. The stories featured in this series are based on real events. Book One: The Ghost Family of Pennsylvania, highlights one of the most haunted houses in North America. This house will make a believer out of the strongest skeptic as those who venture within may experience full bodied apparitions, poltergeist activity, floating orbs, shadowy figures and direct communication with the dead. The cover picture is an added bonus as it is one of the actual ghost photographs taken by the family depicted in the story.

This was an okay ghost story, I guess when I think ghost story I think scary and horror. Yet I guess not every ghost story is scary. Though I do always wonder if the ghost stories that are told is actually true. 
This is a short story which can be read in probably about an hour maybe less if you are a fast reader. We are introduced to a family who gets hit with bad luck and ends up moving into a haunted home. Yet these ghosts are not scary but yet they do haunt the home. We get to see how this family handled living with ghosts and who the ghosts actually seem to have been.
If you are looking for something scary then this isn't for you. Though if you like ghost stories in general pick this one up. 

Kathryn Kaye
Kathryn Kaye is a Native American born writer from Pennsylvania. Her works include publications for both children and adults and range in content and genre. With degrees in child development, child psychology and education, she has worked on multiple educational projects and occasionally works as a tutor. Her mission is to encourage a love of reading. She also has a taste the metaphysical and has written several books on holistic and new age therapies.

Check out True Tales of Ghostly Experiences, which is based on a true story of a haunted house in Pennsylvania. The cover of this book is an actual photo of one of the spirits featured in the story.
Want to get your kids to read? Kathryn Kaye's new series for kids and teens, the Junior Paranormal Investigators series will get their attention. The first book, The Haunted Lighthouse is available now!


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