Bad Girl by J.D. Faver


Title: Bad Girl!
Author: J.D. Faver
Published: Nov. 7, 2011
Pages: 281
Genre: Adult
Review: ebook was free
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When her clients start dying, Kris Delaney, a beautiful dominatrix is forced to rely on controlling detective Nick Price, who wants her more than he wants his shield.
She fights to maintain her privacy, while struggling to resist Nick, who is everything she fears in a man. Having been a victim in the past, Kris is determined to control her life, but in the face of terrifying murders, she is powerless to control her fate. One-by-one, her clients are being dispatched by some grisly means related to their particular kink. As the bodies pile up, Nick tries to keep Kris out of danger and breach her thorny defenses to prove he is worthy of her trust.

This was a pretty good book. We are introduced to a dominatrix who had a rough past and for her to get through it her therapist decided to have her try being a dom. It works for her and she is good at her job, she even has a really good friend to be there for her as a protector if needed. She has a good list of clients so when they start dying Kris is wondering why are they being targeted. One of her clients ends up being a cop and he has fallen hard for her.
We don't know who the killer is until the end but it was creepy what was going through his mind as his real goal was Kris. On top of trying to do her job and keep her clients alive, she is trying to fight the feelings she has for Nick, though it doesn't seem that is an easy job. 
It was a bit unbelievable the whole scene with Kris having a tragic death affect her and the relationship that followed it. It just seemed to rushed but yet this is fiction so I guess anything is possible. 
I did like how Kris used what happened to her before that made her become a dom because now she has control when at that time she did not. I could relate to her in a way of control loss. 
The scenes were not too graphic yet there were sex scenes. 

Writer of sexy and humorous contemporary romance and writer of sensual, dark romantic suspense. Can you say split personality?


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