Intentional (Intentional #1) by M.K. Harkins


Title: Intentional
Author: MK Harkins
Published: Nov. 27, 2013
Pages: 360 
Review: ebook
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Newly engaged and deliriously happy, Mattie, a talented graphic designer, and Jeremy, a successful partner in a law firm, look forward to a lifetime of wedding bliss in their new home in Sedona, Arizona. But their perfect love story disintegrates when Mattie discovers evidence of Jeremy's massive betrayal. Unable to face the memories that haunt her with every aching step, Mattie flees to Mercer Island, Washington to start over. Unfortunately, she can't run away from the boundless pain as she struggles to make sense of the life she thought she knew - until she meets Cade.

Tattooed engineer by day, lead singer in a rock band at night, Cade has experienced his own brand of pain with the loss of his college sweetheart. He and Mattie instantly bond over their mutual heartbreak, and as their friendship deepens, it ignites a new flame within Mattie, soothing the constant heartache for her former fiancée.

Just when Mattie thinks she may have found another stab at happiness, Jeremy reenters her life, and with him, all the crushing memories. It's soon clear, though, that the trauma from her past may not be quite what it first seemed. Will the truth bring closure and a new beginning - or will it mean the end of both relationships forever?

This is one of those books that you just can't help but enjoy. So we go back and forth between two characters and then eventually three characters. We have Mattie who is just a down to earth sweetheart, Jeremy who is this good-looking partner in a law firm and Mattie's best friend.
Mattie's best friend has been with her through everything. Her loss, her first love, to her first heartbreak. Though from the get-go once we start reading from Mattie's point of view we start to see that her friend seems kind of shady. When Mattie finally seems to find love and everything is going her way in life, she will find herself heartbroken again. Can she even move on from this betrayal? Well, we move forward and see that just maybe she can with this amazing tattoo-singer! We already know that has got to happen or at least we hope it can. 
Mattie has to come to her own realization of what has done and move on with her life. Yet it is hard to do when you were in love and that person made the moon shine brighter than the stars. 
When the truth finally comes out it seems kind of crazy and you just have to wonder what kind of person hurts someone else on purpose. 
One thing I would have liked to have read in the story was why Sara truly was the way she was. What exactly was going on in her head all these years? 

M.K. Harkins
MK has always been a voracious reader. After hitting a dry spell of reading material, she decided to write the kind of book she'd like to read. This resulted in the creation of her debut novel, Intentional. (Award for Best Sweet Romance - eFestival of Words- August 2014)

Unintentional, her second book, is based on the life of one of the characters in Intentional. Unintentional was written as a stand-alone book.
Breaking Braydon and Taking Tiffany have both been released. Available on Amazon.
The Reader released August 2016.
Famous by Default is now live!
MK Is currently working on the follow up to The Reader - The Jack. (Due out late 2017)

When she's not writing novels, she likes to spend her free time traveling the world, splashing in mud puddles (She lives in Seattle, what can she say?), watching movies and reading (!)
She LOVES to hear from her readers!


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