Prom Queen of Disaster by Joseph James Hunt


Title: Prom Queen of Disaster
Author: Joseph James Hunt
Published: July 8, 2016
Publisher: Gemini House Publishing
Pages: 322
Genre: NA, Coming of Age
Review: ebook
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Nobody does drama like cheerleaders do. They'll do anything to win, and ruin your life doing it.


Every girl wants the crown at prom, their picture in the yearbook to prove they were popular. But most importantly, a reminder they have no problem taking you down.

You're not worth anything until someone thinks you're a threat. From toddlers in tiaras to pubescent prom queens, everyone is competition when there's a crown involved.

Zoey will never know how deep she's in until it's too late, and now there's no going back because good girls always go bad.
Standalone: Yes
Cliffhanger: No

So I have been dying to read this book since the author published it but I wasn't able to buy it until just recently. I am so glad I did. I absolutely devoured this book pretty quickly! A group of teenage cheerleaders dealing with school and most importantly prom. You know something is just going to happen! Zoey is a good girl so to speak which I truly liked to see that in a book it is not all about sex for every character. We actually have a teenager that is a VIRGIN!!! That to me screamed awesome. 
Zoey is in love with her amazing boyfriend and she is just waiting for that right time when she is ready. That time is suppose to be prom but when things start going crazy Zoey learns who has her back and where are true friends are in everything. 
Throw in the bad boy who isn't really all that bad well we get to see Zoey grow in this book! There is some high school drama and boy it is some drama. 
One thing that bothered me with the book was the scene with Mila and how she had it out for a character. There didn't seem to be an problems between the two so it threw me off a bit, but didn't affect the rating.

As far as characters went I liked them all especially Zoey. I think the fact of how hard working she was in school, to not letting the others influence her to their behavior was great. That is how some teenagers are and I think the author really did a great job with showing this. 
For this to be written by a male author he was on point with the drama, the different situations, and more importantly the characters!!!

Born in Lancaster, England during the summer of 1993.
A writer from a young age, stories have always played a huge part in HUNTs life.
Forever reading and writing, telling stories aloud.
Be ready to fall in love, find new fears, and exist in dreams.


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