Do As I Say (The Bennet Mills Mystery Series) by David A. Sterling


Title: Do As I Say
Author: David A. Sterling
Published: Nov. 19, 2013
Publisher: Self 
Pages: 284
Genre: Thriller/Suspense 
Review: ebook
Buy Links: Amazon, 

Agent Bennett Mills is a member of a special security detail charged with the protection of a prominent Arizona senator…until the senator is assassinated. With the suspected assassin having taken his own life it appears to be an open and shut case, but something doesn’t sit well with Agent Mills. While waiting for reassignment, he takes some vacation time making a less than enthusiastic trip home to see his family. A chance meeting leads Mills on the trail of a madman that is often fraught with more questions than answers. Who can be trusted? Every step forward leads to another dead end.

This was a pretty good book that had me wondering who was behind all the murders. 
So Agent Mills will stop at nothing to find out who was behind the assassination of the Arizona senator. Yet what he uncovers is something more unraveling. Someone is using Veterans do the dirty crimes of murder but he is not certain just yet on how. When he travels home he learns that there are more cases like the senator and with the help of the local police department and certain friends Mills will figure it out. Though there will be plenty of action going home so it won't be just doing some investigating. It seems a lot of different people are in play here and Mills will have his work cut for him. 
I really like how the title of the book does play a part in the story and I am just going to leave that there.
Now there were a few things within the story that had me drop my rating.
1. They were going to have sandwiches yet they were being heated up? 
2. Mills was calling Hope but then all of a sudden he couldn't dial her number and her number had changed. Weird in my opinion.
As far as characters went they were well developed and the small budding romance between April and Mills was really cute. Even though they were adults it seemed they had a high school romance but I liked that because it wasn't anything rushed. It went slowly. 
I hope to read another Bennet Mills mystery as I want to see what other trouble Mills will find!


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