NetGalley Review: The Fear by Rae Louise


Title: The Fear
Author: Rae Louise
Published: Feb. 8, 2017
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Pages: 272
Genre: Ghost, Horror
Review: ebook provided by NetGally and publisher
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Fear is all in the mind ...

But Mia’s nightmares become a reality when she and her troubled sister, Jamie, inherit their deceased uncle’s house and experience phenomena that extends way beyond a typical haunting. Only Mia’s infant daughter is aware of the sinister presence of a man that roams freely about the house, but it’s Jamie who has become the subject of the entity’s torment.

No one’s secrets stay buried for long, and the psychological abuse that the family are forced to endure soon turns physical, with the demon’s attachment to Jamie taking on a sexually violent nature. When the evil spreads beyond the boundaries of the house and wreaks chaos in the lives of those closest to Mia, she knows that she must uncover the house’s past, along with the identity of its ghostly inhabitant, in order to sever his hold on anyone who enters.

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

Talk about a ghost story! Mia and her family are going through a tough time and so when they move into an old family home they do not think about ghost! Who in their right mind would? Well Mia and her family learn about the shadow man and their stay in the home will not be pleasant.

Mia will stop at nothing to get her family back to normal, because lets face it fighting a ghost is tiring! 
When you first start reading you may be like me and wonder why is this character Jamie talking to her mom like that and her mom just laughs. Well Mia is not Jamie's mom but her sister and Mia is taking care of Jamie. 
They all start noticing things going on in the house via Louisa Mia's daughter is not herself, the nightmares are starting things just seem off. Mia feels she is going crazy until she finds help to rid the ghost of this house. 
I really enjoyed how the ghost fed on the fear of everyone and made their fear come true in their mind, to me that was wickedly cool, but freaky. Everyone has a fear of some sort so to have it come to life in your mind makes it creepy. 
For a ghost story it did its job in keeping me engage and wanting to finish the book so I could see what would happen. If you like ghost stories then check this book out.
Characters I felt were well written. The author did a good job with the way Jamie and Mia interacted with being sisters. Mia seems a bit wiser than 26 though she has a lot on her plate that I think made her grow up a bit more.
The interaction between Nathan (Louisa's) father and Mia is very grownup and isn't bitter like which I enjoyed. 
Plot wise it was a steady page turner, there were no boring parts in my opinion. 

Rae Louise
Rae Louise is a horror author from Staffordshire, UK. Her love of the genre began with the Point Horror and Shivers collections, and soon evolved to film and TV. She picked up her first Shaun Hutson book when she was way too young, and then eagerly dived into the darkness that was her mother's bookshelves.
Rae's artistic flair led her to take a Diploma in Media Makeup, Prosthetics and Special Effects. She also dabbles in gothic artwork and enjoys sketching iconic characters from film and games. Being a bit of a recluse, most of her free time is spent with her pets.
Rae's first publication was a short story for the dark anthology, Beast: A New Beginning(formerly Beasts: Genesis and Revelations). She wrote Mad Merlin in memory of her paraplegic rabbit, who lost the use of his back legs after suffering neurological damage. The fictional story has a comical twist to represent Merlin's character, turning his pet wheelchair into a 'chariot of death'. You can read more about Merlin's backstory on Wattpad.
Rae's debut novel, The Fear, is a paranormal horror with psychological elements; influenced by her ongoing battle with anxiety and her passion for investigating haunted places. She's currently working on her second novel.


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