NetGalley Review: Blink by KL Slater


Title: Blink
Author: K.L. Slater
Published: Feb. 16, 2017
Publisher: Bookouture
Pages: 295
Genre: Mystery, Thrillers
Review: ebook provided by NetGalley and Publisher
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What if the person you love most in the world was in terrible danger … because of you?
Three years ago, Toni’s five-year-old daughter Evie disappeared after leaving school. The police have never been able to find her. There were no witnesses, no CCTV, no trace.

But Toni believes her daughter is alive. And as she begins to silently piece together her memories, the full story of the past begins to reveal itself, and a devastating truth.
Toni’s mind is trapped in a world of silence, her only chance to save herself is to manage the impossible. She must find a way to make herself heard. She must find her daughter.

A compelling, gripping thriller with a breathtaking twist that will keep you awake until the early hours. Perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train, Behind Closed Doors and The Sister.

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.
*May contain spoilers*
This book was a page turner, I found myself starting it right before bed and then waking up in the middle of the night because I couldn't sleep only to dive right back into the story. When I finished the story this morning I was torn on my feelings with the book. I felt that there was so many more things that could have been added because I had questions. 
Toni is now a single mom of a sweet little girl named Evie, when she moves to a new place it is hard on everyone. We see how Evie isn't wanting to go to her new school but could it be because it is new, or something more. Toni is trying to find a job that way she can start trying to take care of herself and Evie but it seems that she is dealing with a lot. We go back and forth between the present and what lead up to the abduction of Evie. We get to see Toni's point of view, Evie's and the mysteries person who is in the hospital. I thought I had it figured out half way in and I was far from wrong. Though some characters had me thinking something wasn't too right with them. 
When Toni finds out who is behind it all it honestly is a big OMG totally didn't see that part coming. I really liked the whole mention of the stroke patient, that was really neat how the author went about with that. 
Now the reason I didn't give this book a solid 5 rating like I wanted to is because I felt some things could have been elaborated on.
1. Did the school not ever look into Harriet's classes or after school programs?
2. There could have been some elaboration on the downfall of Toni and her mother. It seemed that when her daughter went missing she had one outburst then nothing else. What about her secret that she has  What did her mother think of it all, since she seemed to have a huge issue with how Toni was parenting.
3.  The way the ending came about with the scene in Harriet's home, for someone who has military background wouldn't they have heard someone come in? I am sure they would have been in-tune with their surroundings. 
Other than that it was a good read, one that I did enjoy.

K.L. Slater
After years of trying to get published and never getting further than the slush pile, I went back to university at the age of 40 where I studied for an English & Creative Writing degree followed by an MA in Creative Writing.
Although I also worked full-time during the five years I studied at university, the courses gave me the time and space to try different writing and increased my confidence and belief in my writing. Before I graduated from my MA, I had secured representation with my agent, Clare Wallace, at the Darley Anderson Literacy, TV and Film Agency and had my first book deal.
My first adult psychological thriller for Bookouture is called ‘Safe with Me’ and it actually started life as my dissertation on my English & Creative Writing degree.
The creepy voice of Anna came to me strong and insistent . . . she wanted to be written, she wouldn’t go away. 
I live in Nottingham with my husband, Mac. Between us we have three grown-up kids; my daughter, Francesca and Mac’s sons Nathan and Jake.
I also write multi-award winning YA fiction under the name Kim Slater.


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