ARC Review: Resistant (Resistance Book 2) by Perrin Briar

35125824Title: Resistant (Book 2)
Author: Perrin Briar
Published: May 12, 2017
Publisher: Self
Genre: Zombies
Review: ARC ebook provided by author
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Dana and Hugo are outcasts, half-breeds living with an infection that has turned almost everyone else in Seattle into mindless zombies.

Armed with the location of Dana'a little sister Max, Dana and Hugo must cross a city crawling with the undead to find her. They face raging fires, trigger-happy gun nuts and former city scum come to the surface.

It's far from plain sailing as the apocalypse begins to gear up in this, the second installment of the Resistant series.

From best-selling author who penned the Z-Minus, Blood Memory, Plants Vs. Zombies and Compulsion series comes this, the first book in the Resistant chronicles.

RESISTANCE is futile.

I received this ebook to give an honest review.

I really enjoyed book two. Dana and Hugo are still on the mission of finding her sister Max. It seems that they could be getting closer but will find themselves going over different obstacles to not only find her, but to keep themselves alive. 
There is a scene that happens within the book that reminded me of the story of Hansel and Gretel. I kept thinking man this is a crazy scene I know that have to survive because Dana is a survivor. 
Not all survivors will be helpful it seems that you have to watch out for the undead and the humans though which one is worse? There is non stop action and the plot is steady. The characters are well developed, the author did a great job with this book. I think this is going to make an good zombie series. 

Perrin Briar
Perrin Briar is an English author best-known for his Blood Memory series, black comedy Keeping Mum, and revenge tale Square. He was born in Huntingdon, grew up in Norfolk, graduated from Bournemouth, worked in London, and then chucked it all in to live in South Korea.
He has written for BBC radio, and worked in the production and development departments of the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.


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