ARC Review: Sink: Once Upon A Time by Perrin Briar

33809105Title: Sink: Once Upon A Time
Author: Perrin Briar
Published: Jan. 5. 2017
Pages: 234
Genre: Action and Adventure
Review: ebook provided by author
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A sinkhole is a natural phenomenon. It can happen anywhere, anytime. It drinks lakes dry, consumes jungles, and even demolishes entire mountains. You may have seen one in your street. But these things aren’t lost. They’ve simply been moved. Things are forgotten on the surface all the time. Beneath the crust, they’re always remembered.

A monster terrorizes a medieval town. The townspeople are being murdered. Dead bodies rise from hell. One member of town is responsible for it all. But who?

SINK. A forgotten world. A lost world. But not for long.

I received an ARC to give an honest review. 

Now the family finds themselves in another part of this mysterious world via the passage they went through. They come across a monster that is determined to eat them, and a town that is from the world above. The town hasn't changed too much since when it was sucked down but there are new things happening within the town. We learn there is an inventor living within the town which the family is curious about. It seems this inventor has a unique way of coming up with ideas.
Now the family is determined to find the passage that they know is within this world, though the royal family has no clue where it is. Brian and his family decide to help rid this town of this monster that terrorizes them only what seems to happen is one a huge secret comes to light and second there is a lot of action involved. The cloak figure shows up yet again and still is a mystery on who this is person is. I have a feeling I might know who it is, but I am sure I am far from being right. 
 From the beginning of the book you pulled in. The way the author describes the lake to what is in the cave you are left wondering will the family's luck finally run out. I will love how all the passages connect in some way and the characters are well written.
If you haven't been reading this series I highly suggest you do it now. Not only are the covers AMAZING but the story line is pretty darn good! 

Perrin Briar
Perrin Briar is an English author best-known for his Blood Memory series, black comedy Keeping Mum, and revenge tale Square. He was born in Huntingdon, grew up in Norfolk, graduated from Bournemouth, worked in London, and then chucked it all in to live in South Korea.
He has written for BBC radio, and worked in the production and development departments of the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.


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