Review: Marked by Stuart Park, Jorge Wiles (Illustrator), Clare Robertson (Illustrator)

31356817Title: Marked
Author: Stuart Park
Illustrator: Jorge Wiles, Clare Robertson
Publisher: Sinister Horror Company
Pages: 94
Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy
Review: ebook provided by author
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Venus and her sister planet concludes their 3,000 year cycle. Stargazers amass to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event, but not Mark, his life is about to change.
Mark's chance encounter with the cold but intangibly-carnal Kiko sets him plummeting into free-fall. Kim, his emphatic but emotionally-charged wife moonlights with a shadowy organisation whose intentions are far from transparent. She needs to blame someone for the disappearance of their daughter twenty years ago. No solace is offered by her egocentric therapist who's engrossed in his own agenda.
Plagued by visions, Mark struggles to maintain his grip on reality and descends into a vividly-violent web of darkness. As Mark's world spirals beyond his control, it's quite possible this cycle will not end smoothly.

I received this book to give an honest review.
So I am trying to really think on how to write this review without giving away so much.
So this book started off pretty powerful. We are thrown into the life of Mark and his family. When his daughter goes missing this starts his wife on a down whirl spiral. We fast forward quite a few years and we see the affects of not having their daughter with them. It seems to kind of take a toll on Mark's wife Kim. As the story progresses it seems that Kim has a secret life which had me baffled though we don't spend much time on her. Then we get to Mark and it seems something has overtaken Mark and he won't be the same person. 
There will be death and weirdness in this book. 

I am only giving 2 stars because I started to get confused as to what the heck was going on. I don't like being confused when reading a book. Like I said in the beginning the book started off powerful and it had me until we got to Mark's job and his daughter ran off. After that I really tried to follow the story but it just seemed all over the place and nothing was really making sense too me. What was the point of some of the things going on with the book. Why did his daughter run off? 
Why did his wife have this mysterious job? Who was she talking to on the phone? What did this Kiko have to do with anything? Among other questions.
As far as plot wise umm I am not sure what it technically was fully. I assume something came from outer space and may have overtook Mark's body? Though I could be wrong. 
I am not sure what else I can write as I feel like I will be giving away the story that lies within this book. I say pick it up and give it a read and see if you enjoy it, you may. 

Stuart Park
Stuart is not an author.
Then something happened.
Following a knee operation he found himself incapacitated for a spell. Overnight he was immobile and learnt a keen lesson in loss. This new sense of frustration didn't sit well with him. Reviewing his then limited options he decided to vent by writing. Writing had always been on his bucket list and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity.
Stuart tells himself he's not an author, this belief is what makes him not an author.
He has helped out the Sinister Horror Company by proofreading titles, including: Terror Byte, Punch, Class Three, Upon Waking, Class Four and Hexagram for JR Park and Duncan P Bradshaw.
He also has a keen interest in photography and produced an abstract photography book called 'Escapee'. Some of his work can been found here:
Remember Stuart is not an author, at least that's what he believes, so it must be true.


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