Fright-Fall Review: Defriended (Point Horror) by Ruth Baron

13316292Title: Defriended
Author: Ruth Baron
Published: May 2013
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 248
Genre: Teens, Thriller
Review: Paperback from library
Buy Links: Amazon, 

Jason has met the perfect girl. OK, so maybe he hasn't actually MET Lacey yet, but they talk online all the time. Yet despite spending most nights chatting, Lacey refuses to meet up in person. Suspicious, Jason googles multiple newspapers. Lacey fell off a balcony and died a year earlier. Jason meets Lacey's best friend Jenna, and they try to find the truth.

I saw this book on Amazon when I was looking up another book that was part of the Point Horror series. The cover is what really drew me to this book, and when I saw the back I was like oh boy this has to be good. 
This is a good read for the teens as to me this is a clean read. Yes someone died in this book but there is nothing graphic. Jason is a normal teen age boy and talks to a girl over social media, he has never met her before but he really would like to. It seems that she is giving him an excuse every time that is until she needs him to help her get answers. Jason embarks on an adventure so to speak that will give him the answers to what really happened to Lacey that night but will the answers be what he wants to hear? 
What will happen when the truth comes out, can Jason handle it? Now for me I was kept guessing all through out the book on who dun it. There wasn't one actually character that called out to me on my radar. So when towards the end I found out who it was, I was like are you serious? Why didn't I think of that. 
Being an adult and reading this, I was thinking this is a good book how did I never hear of the Point Horror series of books. Now I plan on looking into them and reading more. I just really enjoy how the plot is just there and the characters are normal. Just a good lazy Sunday read for me. 


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