#PBwkendread: Scariest Stories Ever Told by Roberta Simpson Brown

Since I actually finished my other paperback read I figured heck I have time still on the weekend let's see if I can push another book just because. This time I picked Scariest Stories Ever Told by Roberta Simpson Brown. August House Publishing sent this to me and I was going to read it to my son but I wanted to make sure the stories were not too scary for him. 


This spooky collection of haunting stories from the "Queen of Cold Blooded Tales," Roberta Simpson Brown, may well beTheScariest Stories Ever Told. These chilling tales are filled with familiar themes to make anyone feel safe - the grouchy old teacher, a family telling one another ghost stories in an old cabin, well meaning yet clueless parents - but jam packed withenough ghouls, ghosts, and menacing spirits to give anyone the chills.The Scariest Stories Ever Toldincludesover 13 contemporary tales featuring children tackling (and sometimes getting tackled by) their fears. Meet sinister characters like the stick man, the shadows and the feathered thing.Take a peak at the haunted well, check out the school locker portal to the "other side" and buck up your courage to visit the creepy costume party. Children will love seeing characters their age confrontsinister creatures and work up the courage to explore supernaturaloccurrencesin everyday life. No one is safe when the"Queen of Cold Blooded Tales" is around so be advised to make sure the lights are on and the doors are locked before opening this book."


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