#FrightFall Read-a-Thon 2016

Wow it is that time again for the #FrightFall Read-a-Thon for this year.  Which is hosted by Seasons of Reading

It will take place from Oct. 3-9 which gives us a full week to get as much reading done. I think this year I am going to do some things different on this read-a-thon. I always try to push myself to read as much as I can, and that they are only review books, because let's face it as a reader/blogger I have found myself completely booked with reviews and it seems like I never have enough time to read them all.
So I think this year I am going to go through my list of books and pick out the ones that have just been sitting on my kindle to read. Not sure what I will find just yet but I will update this post with what I find. I think that is going to take me some time to actually find some good ones.

Now the rules to this read-a-thon is you have to read at least 1 scary book. It can be thriller, mystery, gothic just plain anything but it has to be scary. So which we all know that is my kind of genre it should not be too hard to find a few books.

Make sure you look for an update on what books I pick out.

Update on the books I am going to read 9/30/2016

Defriended by Ruth Baron

Start: 10-3-2016

Finished: 10-3-2016

Blood Will Tell by April Henry

Start: 10/3/2016

Finish: 10/3/2016

Contaminated by Em Garner

Start: 10/4/2016

Finish: 10/5/2016

The Halloween Collection From The Indie Elective

Start: 10-3-2016

Finish: 10-3-2016


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