Book Spotlight: Sunshine in Neverland by Moira Darling

Title: Sunshine in Neverland
Author: Moira Darling
Published: September 5th 2016
Publisher: Sol-Brek Books
Pages: 184
Genre: Self-help/spiritual men and women alike.
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This is the story of Moira’s own personal journey into consciousness and leads us through the step-by-step transformational process. The real life situations within this book, allows the reader to identify and resonate with their own life story. The uniqueness of having the wisdom and insight within the highlighted boxes throughout the book allows the reader the opportunity to possibly gain a clearer understanding and perspective which in turn can help them to let-go, grow and move forward. This a spiritual self-help book with its feet firmly on the ground of reality. It is funny, real, insightful and emotional full of wisdom and teachings, which anyone who reads it can benefit from – a beautiful grounded read that can be re-visted for insight at anytime.

  1. The Beginning

4th October 1999 was the day it happened, the turning point in my life. On that day I stepped onto a whole new path, and was taken in an entirely different direction from the well-trodden road I knew, far away from everything that was my ‘normal’. It was a life-altering day when everything turned upside down, and profound changes began to spontaneously unravel themselves. I was unaware of the magnitude of what was about to happen and completely oblivious to the impact it would have on me. This day was the starting point to a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation taking me to heaven and through hell many times. I was to discover and experience the depths of emotional pain and pleasure, mental confusion, crystal clarity, chaos and peace, as the process of unlearning old beliefs, rediscovering and re-connecting to deeper truth began. It was the day I began to truly awaken.

Up until that day, I felt like an insignificant hamster running around in circles, only going through the motions, lost, getting nowhere, merely existing but not living, wondering what life was all about. I had no idea that the life-changing journey I was about to embark upon would bring me to a new depth of awareness. It was then that I realized that every new experience we have in our lives, whatever it is, comes with an opportunity to gain growth and insight on a deeper level beyond anything that we ever dared to imagine.

Deep within the soul of each individual, treasures of wisdom reside patiently waiting to be discovered, connected with and set free. All of us, whoever we are, have the ability to reach a place of deep inner peace, truth and love. As each one of us courageously embarks on our own inner journey, re-evaluating our priorities and simplifying our lives, we come to appreciate what is most meaningful to us. This allows us to transform our fears, old limitations, conditioned beliefs and mindsets, and opens the secret door to realise our true-life purpose. It brings us to understand and accept the deeper meaning of true compassion, and self-love.

That day I found myself in a Chรขteau de Vine in France at a business function with three of my work colleagues. The company I worked for along with others from our industry were involved in a charity fundraising rally. The task for each of the participating companies was to race from Dover to Monte Carlo in Monaco, raising money for charity en-route. The plan was to drive towards the South of France during the day, while in the evenings we would meet for dinner and continue to raise more funds. Although this was for a great cause, to be honest for me personally, it was an amusing work jolly, and a very welcome change from the normal humdrum life I was living at the time.

During the course of the enjoyable evening, with great hilarity and a definite over indulgence of the endlessly flowing champagne, laughing as we attempted to speak French actually, it was more like franglaise or in my case franglaise with a Scottish accent, and was probably very offensive to the lovely, patient French waiters.

Scottish born Moira darling has been teaching and empowering people world wide since her transformational awakening seventeen years ago. Her unique down to earth common sense approach to spirituality and empowerment along with a natural intuitive gift and ability to translate and clarify energies has changed the lives of thousands of people over the years. Moira has recently returned to her Scottish roots from Canada bringing her profoundly straightforward no nonsense clarity to the world. This is Moira’s first book and the story if her own transformational process that anyone who reads cannot fail to identify with and learn from.

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