Book Spotlight: Let's Destroy Investutech by Jeremy Thompson

Title: Let's Destroy Investutech
Author: Jeremy Thompson
Published: July 11, 2016
Publisher: Bedlam Press
Pages: 356
Genre: General Fiction
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Believe it or not, a multi-planetary conglomerate controls humanity. Investutech is its name, and the company's applied research and product development methods would petrify even the maddest of madmen.

To Investutech, no scientific atrocity is too horrific in the pursuit of ultimate profit. In fact, sin is an inapplicable concept.

Only the Flux Facers, a group of face-shifting patriots, are dedicated to overthrowing biggest business. Utilizing every means at their disposal, including body hijacking, they embark on an Investutech-overthrowing mission that reaches from Earth all the way to the afterlife.

This special Necro Publications release includes five bonus Investutech stories, comprising decades of sacrilegious scientific innovation.

I attempted suicide once. I did it the old-fashioned way, with a belt around my neck that I’d wrapped around a doorknob. Gripping it white-knuckled, I felt a tiny part of my brain die—nothing important, I think. Like fireworks of euphoria, dying was. My mind generated spontaneous poetry, where the lines that made no sense were the most beautiful of ’em all. I wish that I could remember them. It wasn’t unpleasant, though, and I no longer fear death.

But that was a while ago. Today, I’m craving female company. The problem is: With all the wondrous tech available nowadays, humanity is simultaneously more connected than ever and more isolated than before. Take FoldEstate, for example. Here we are, with dimensional distortion generators allowing multitudes to inhabit the same residential spaces, passing wraithlike through each other’s vibrationally altered essences, and we barely interact face-to- face. In fact, with FoldEstate biofarms, the population has mushroomed to hundreds of trillions, intermingling to the point where to even claim a race is to brand oneself an anachronism. Omnisterilizers have eradicated every virus. Nanobots can cure mental defects—aside from those of crack mutants, as their incest-warped gray matter no longer behaves humanoid.

Since we have pills that eliminate the need to urinate and defecate, only the destitute use toilets. The rest of us have outgrown our bowels and urinary tracts, as we’re outgrowing what remains of our birth bodies. Soon, we’ll have to craft new physiques to house our designer intellects.

We have contact lens nanosystems that generate images directly upon a wearer’s retinas, creating a heads-up display to utilize during all conscious hours. They are used for business, instantaneous information access, and recreation through hallucination—the latter of which can provide all the visuals of an LSD experience with none of the consciousness-expanding epiphanies.

We have Wisp World Constructs: three-dimensional hologas piped up from a vent, much better than those televisions that people used to watch. The gas comes in hundreds of scent shades, but a defect in my apartment’s line leaves everything lilac-scented—NASCAR, mobsters, whatever, everything smells flowery.

A piece of technoseeded sensor paper called a Smart Sheet controls nearly everything that we use. When unfolded, it works like a keyboard. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Jeremy Thompson is the fictionist responsible for the novels The Phantom Cabinet (Necro Publications) and Let's Destroy Investutech (Bedlam Press). His stories have appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies, including Into the Darkness,Under the Bed, DarkFuse, Sanitarium, and Walk Hand in Hand into Extinction. A San Diego State University graduate, Jeremy resides in Oceanside, California.


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