Guest Post: Aladdin The Genie's Keeper

Title: Aladdin The Genie's Keeper
Author: Gibson Morales
Published: July 28, 2016
Publisher: Mo Bros Books
Pages: 340
Genre: Sci-fi
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A Sci-fi Take on the Classic Tale!

When Aladdin awakens, he can barely remember his own name, let alone his past. All he knows is that a giant metal monster is trying to burn him to ash.

After narrowly escaping with a team of peacekeepers, Aladdin finds himself in a world completely foreign to him. A world ruled by the alien Anunnaki, where blood mobs seek his head, resistance fighters demand his ring, and a giant robot hunts him like a rat. But when he meets the lovely Cassie, he discovers hope for the life he has always desired. That is, until he learns the Anunnaki will wipe out humanity in a few days.

Now Aladdin and Cassie's only chance for survival may be to join the mysterious Sorcerer, an immortal warlord, who frightens even the Anunnaki. But there is more to the ring on his finger, the Sorcerer, and his amnesia than he thinks. Can he discover the truth before it's too late? And even if he does, how will he survive the Anunnaki's wrath?

Aladdin swore under his breath in surprise.
Footsteps echoed from the stairwell. He turned to see a boy in a gray hoodie, blue cap, and jeans. The fashions of this city eluded him, but he got the sense this garb served to escape people’s attention. He couldn’t have been older than fifteen. There was a scrawny, yet athletic vibe to his gait and a rueful look was plastered on a face framed in thick black locks of hair that fell to his chin. One thing did stand out about him, though. The brown leather glove on his right hand. A falconer’s glove.
The boy flashed an apologetic smile. “Sorry, I thought that mouse was a stray.”
“Rat,” Aladdin corrected, a wave of apprehension rising in him. “And it is. Was.”
“Right,” the boy nodded. “They make good food, yeah? Poke a stick through them, cook them with a little pepper, and they’re fine.”
Aladdin couldn’t help but indulge in a laugh. Rat shis’kabob. He should have thought of that himself.
“You aren’t from here,” the boy said. A statement, not a question. One that took Aladdin aback. They looked equally matched in terms of physical features. Both about the same height and weight. Strangely, Aladdin didn’t pick out any immediate weapons on him.
“What did you say your name was?” Aladdin asked quietly.
“Michael. And yourself?”
Aladdin hesitated. For all his glibness, he knew nothing about Michael. It wouldn’t be wise to go throwing his name around. “Khalid.”
“Well, put her there,” Michael said, cutting the distance between them in two strides and extending a hand. “Nice to meet you, Khalid.”
Glad it wasn’t his ringed hand, Aladdin shook it and mused, “Likewise, Michael.”
So what if they weren’t actually using their real names? They knew each other now. And he sensed something in Michael that he liked. Something familiar that made him want to drop his guard.
“May I ask about your clothing?” Michael said.
“Oh this. I got it in my travels. It’s nothing.”
“Looking to stand out? It stinks.”
A gentle tease.
“Got your attention, didn’t it?” Aladdin threw back. Then it hit him. This guy exuded a similar aura to his cousin, Kofi. Because even though he couldn’t remember their antics, he was fairly certain of Kofi’s personality.
Michael smiled courteously, like they were meeting at some royal party, where manners mattered. He reached into his sleeve and drew out an obsidian black hilt.
“I’m afraid I must ask you to leave, Khalid.”
Aladdin’s entire body tensed. He started to skirt around, but Michael cut him off. He didn’t truly want him to leave. “Care to elaborate?”

“I will,” Michael said, curtly. An instant later, he brandished a gleaming scimitar in a deadly pose.

Gibson Morales is the award-winning author of the sci-fi action novels The Deadliest Earthling and The Boy Who Wields Thunder. He publishes these under his imprint, Mo Bros Books, which he formed with his brother and writer Vicente. Gibson graduated from USC and lives in Los Angeles. When not writing, Gibson enjoys boxing, most things geek-related, computer science, and traveling.


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