Review: A Yellow Winged Stranger by Imran Usman

25425374Title: A Yellow Winged Stranger
Author:  Imran Usman
Published: March 15, 2015
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd
Pages: 162
Genre: Mystery
Review: ebook provided by author
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In a recent murder, a man is indicted. His Modus Operandi or Method of Operation is the signature of an infamous notorious serial killer named 'The Black Smith', known for inflicting grave torturing prior to putting his victims to death. The Black Smith's killing spree spanned over a period of 20 years. Due to the varied victimology, it made it utterly impossible for the Law Enforcements, including the Federal Investigating Unit to profile him until very recently; 83 victims had his insignia. During the early years, when he started, he was referred to as 'the copy cat', copying the MO of a serial killer, ' Full Moon Butcher ' of the 80s, to the very exact detail – who went dormant almost suddenly.The indicted man is shifted to a high security prison, where he unusually comes across a series of writings on the cell wall. These writings contain unusual depictions about an undiscovered life, of a supposed 'Yellow Winged Stranger', the Master of the Ordinary; an ex-prisoner trapped in the compulsion of his own making. And he has a message for the convict.

I received this book to give an honest review.
You know when I read the blurb for this book I was thinking serial killer, we were going to get detailed crime scenes find out who the killer was and watch him struggle to maintain hiding under the "normal person" ruse. 
I can honestly say I didn't get into the book truly until close to the end. It just didn't have the ka-pow factor for me.  
I liked the way the author didn't give us the full answer as to who exactly was the serial killer until towards the end when I saw that twist I was like wait what? So that helped the rating go from a two to a three.  
The book was slow to start as we had so much information on the characters and what not though it slowly comes together you gotta stick through until you get to it. I think the author could have told us what P.O.V. we were getting at the start of each chapter. As at times it was a bit confusing for me. 
I really liked the idea of the writing on the prison wall. It helped give a bit of insight as to what was going and how certain people came into play. This bit of a backstory into the past was much needed. 
Overall a decent book that I think most people could finish within one setting. 

Imran Usman
"A person well-informed is the one well-read."
I believe there are no bad writers. Everyone has his own creative intuitiveness, sometimes you understand, sometimes you don't. Sometimes, the same work can trigger variety of emotions in different readers. What is admirable though is the capacity at which the human mind works, thinks and perceives situations.
Even a writing with which you cannot fully comprehend to can leave you with an impression, an impression you did not have before. At times a lasting one. At times for a few moments.

A book read cannot be unread.

Every book screams to be read, to dawn the spectacles of it's writer for a few hours and see the world his way.


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