Review: Doll of Mine: a Dia de los Muertos Story by Lila Felix

23269372Title: Doll of Mine: A Dia do los Muertos Story
Author: Lila Felix
Published: Oct. 1, 2014
Publisher: Rebel Writer Productions
Pages: 26
Genre: Short Story, Teens, YA
Review: ebook provided by author
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*a horror short story*
In spite of her mother’s protests, Alma has decided to visit the Island of the Dolls on the day before El Dia de Los Muertos. She is bound and determined to go, sure that it is just an island that rumor has deemed haunted.
When she gets there, it is impossible to ignore the doll that seems to call to her.
But there are rules when you take a doll from the island.
Rules that can never be broken—unless you are willing to pay the price.

I received this book to give an honest review.

Even though this book says horror story I felt it was more creepy rather than horror.
We are introduced to Alma who wants to go to an island called Island of the Dolls. That right there just sends the chills up your spine. There is a reason people don't visit there excepts tourist. We learn that her mother is very superstitious and I loved that. Though when Alma goes to the island with her friend it ends up being more than she bargained for. The description of where the dolls where and how they looked was like WOW! It was AWESOME. People should be punished for the sins they commit and Alma will learn this first hand. 
I was very impressed with this author's writing style and how to make me feel creepy with a short story. This is a great read towards Halloween as it gives you that spooky feeling. 

Lila Felix
Lila Felix is full of antics and stories. She refused to go to Kindergarten after the teacher made her take a nap on the first day of school. She staged her first protest in middle school. She almost flunked out of her first semester at Pepperdine University because she was enthralled with their library and frequently was locked in. Now her husband and three children have to put up with her rebel nature in Louisiana where her days are filled with cypress trees, crawfish, and of course her books and writing. She writes about the ordinary people who fall extraordinarily in wild, true love.


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