Kindle Scout Review: Legion Lost by K.C. Finn

29438500Title: Legion Lost 
Author: K.C. Finn
Published: March 22, 2016
Publisher: Kindle Press
Pages: 204
Genre: Fantasy
Review: ebook provided by Kindle Scout
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One Underground girl escapes from a soldiers’ raid. Lost and above ground for the very first time, she has only one option to secure her survival: the Legion—a government organization for teenagers with no place left to run. Leave your identity at the gate, and join a life of military service until you reach adulthood. It sounds ideal, but the Underground girl knows that the System won’t stop looking for its female runaway. So, she tells a lie about her gender.
And it will change her forever.
Posing as Raja, a boy-soldier, the Underground girl is thrown into Legion life at its full, brutal speed. Here, she meets Senior Commander Briggs, whose savage authority reigns over the teenage soldiers. Amongst them are a band of oddballs known as the South Tower Rejects, led by Stirling, a tall, savvy stranger with bright copper hair and eyes that shine like oceans. There’s something hiding behind his cocky smile, and Raja wants to know what it is.

I received this book via Kindle Scout to give an honest review.

So I totally forgot that this book was selected and I logged into my account and saw that it did get selected I need to get into gear and start reading it.
I enjoyed the book. We taken into the Underground world where we meet a young girl and her family who have a community underground. They are pretty much hiding from the government who want to just throw them in prison for being against them.
When she gets escapes the Underground it is a whole new world for her the only place she can go is the Legion where you get a new start and a new life but is it worth it? She decides to join so she can free her family but the military is looking for a girl so what happens if she poses as a boy named Raja will she get the answers she seeks? 
Raja is thrown into the world of the military and the rejects and with the help of her new friends she learns that there is group of rebels that will be bringing down Prudell the head woman in charge of the Legion. Though her main mission is to find her family but can she even do that?
While trying to hid her identity she also fights her feelings for Sterling though you just can not help but want them to fall in love. Each of them have secrets and for Sterling I was surprised at his secrets. 
The ending was a cliffhanger and has me wondering what is going to happen now? Who will be alive? 
The characters were great there wasn't just one that I liked I really liked them all. Even the Highlanders I just can about imagine their accent when they talk *swoon*. The plot was great and I loved how there was plenty of action. 
Overall a really good book that I think most would enjoy even the teens. 

K.C. Finn
K. C. Finn was born and raised in Cardiff, South Wales, where her love for storytelling grew at a precociously young age. After developing the medical condition M.E. / C.F.S., Kim turned to writing to escape the pressures of disabled living, only to become hooked on the incredible world of publishing.

As an author for Clean Teen Publishing and Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Press, Kim spends most of her time locked in the writing cave with an obscenely large mug of tea. When not writing, she can be found studying for her MA in Linguistics, watching classic British comedy, or concocting evil schemes in the secret laboratory in her attic.


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