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Wow it has been a busy weekend. I didn't read anything as far as paperbacks go but I did read on my kindle of course. We have finished up school shopping and getting birthday items ready for this upcoming weekend it is like I have had no time to sit and breath.

So within the next few hours hopefully I will have some reviews up and posted before the kids come home from school. Right now I am in the blah mood only because my youngest minion started Pre-k and we all know how that goes for us moms and some of the dads.

Next weekend I am sure I won't be reading any paperbacks as I will be celebrating my daughter's 4th birthday and we will be busy doing arts and crafts with her friends.

The upcoming reviews will be of

  1. Zombie High Chronicles 1 by Amy Miles
  2. A Firefighter's Flame by D. Hart (Paperback)
  3. Cold, Cold Heart by Karin Slaughter 


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