Review: Vampire Outbreak (Southern Style Supernatural Series #2) by Joe Fowler

25440816Title: Vampire Outbreak (Southern Style Supernatural Series #2)
Author: Joe Fowler
Published: April 26, 2015
Publisher: Self
Genre: Supernatural
Pages: 276
Review: ebook provided by author
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We’ve all seen the vampire movies and television shows. We’ve even read the books. It would seem that the world would love to meet real vampires. The problem is that only a select few vampires play nice with their food. Austin is turned by Rosalyn, the most beautiful woman imaginable. His new life is just getting started when he is thrown into a war to save the human race. The age old rivalry between vampire and werewolf gets kicked into high gear.
400 year old pureblood Seth and half demon Josh Thorne, two powerful alpha werewolves, become Austin’s unlikely allies. Together with Rosalyn, these four become the frontline against the vampire horde.
They face the horrors of the outbreak that threatens us all.

I received this book to give an honest review.
Honestly I believe this book could be read as a stand alone only because we now entering the world of the vampires and not too much of the werewolves. Though yes a bit later the werewolves Josh and Seth will come into play. 
In this story we start off with Austin who is a normal guy until he is turned by Rosalyn and he honestly is okay with turning there is no big deal out of it. We see how Rosalyn teaches Austin the ways of being a vampire and as she is doing that they uncover that a plot that vampires want to come out to the humans. Rosalyn has been around long enough to know this isn't something that should be done and she feels there is something more going on with this. As this story progresses of course both Austin and Rosalyn meet Seth and Josh who we all know that werewolves and vampires are not meant to be friends. Though it seems with these four that could change when the outbreak of vampires become a problem the world will rely on these four to save them all. Can it be done? That is the question to ask.
How will the world react when vampires come out and live among them? 
Now I enjoyed the story line and the characters. I feel the characters are well developed and the plot is good but there were a few things that bothered  me. Almost every chapter starts off with Austin and Rosalyn getting ready to have sex and we hear on multiple occasion that Austin is never on top. I felt this was too much. Then the killings that happen with the vampires they just seemed too over the top as far as numbers go though maybe since the "new" vampires are "new" they aren't as strong which I could understand. Last but not least we learn that Austin shouldn't have to feed as much but it seems that he is needing more food which is no problem, though Rosalyn seems concerned. Nothing is every said about it like why is he needing more food? Is it because he is fighting more or something else? This was never fully investigated and so I was wondering if maybe there is something more going on within Austin than anyone knows. 
Overall a good book, plenty of fighting and love between characters. I plan on reading book three to see where else we will be taken as it seems that this author isn't done with Austin fully.


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