Review: Dirty South Drug Wars by Jae Hood

29607259Title: Dirty South Wars
Author: Jae Hood
Published: March 28, 2016
Pages: 406
Genre: New Adult
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Tucked in the pine-covered hills of the rural South lie two small towns and two feuding families divided by a dirty river and a mutual desire: to reign supreme in the land of drug lords. Eighteen-year-old Rue Monroe has no interest in her family’s drug business. Thanks to the heartbreaking loss of her father and the abrupt abandonment of her mother, Rue’s left alone to care for her flighty little sister and make sure the bills get paid on time. Life can’t get any more complicated.

That is, until Rue is reunited with Tanner Montgomery, the son of her family’s sworn enemy.

Threatened by her own kin, Rue tries to fight her attraction for the boy she first met at the age of twelve, but Tanner doesn’t give in so easily. Tanner’s tireless persistence forces Rue to question everything she thought she knew about the Montgomery family. The two work together, unearthing old family secrets—secrets which might get them both killed.

I received this book to give an honest review.

Man oh man I loved this book. You have two families that have some type of feud going on that has dated back since it seems forever. Our two main characters Rue and Tanner met when she was twelve years old at her father's funeral. After meeting him she is told by her uncle Amos that if she ever was to be with a Montgomery boy he would kill her. That right there shows you that there has to be a forbidden love that comes into play but at what cost? 
When they met up again years later by mistake that is when the storm comes a comin via Rue's sister Lucy and her visions. 
Can Rue and Tanner change everyone's mind and put the clan names behind them or will they forever be told they have to stay apart? 
While being together they learn secrets that have been held within the family for years and who is the actually killer of both Tanner's father and Rue's. We already have an inkling but we don't get the proof until later on and Rue has to make a decision that will affect her in more ways than one. 
I really loved the characters they were well developed and I loved how they never backed down no matter what was thrown their way. 
Now Josie OMG this cousin of Rue's was a hoot especially when trying to fend off the feelings she had for Bryce Montgomery. 
Rue as a character dealt with a lot and you can tell she just wanted to find love and happiness and when her heart shattered again I just wasn't sure she could take anything else being thrown her way. 
There is so much with this book that I could write on with this review but I won't. If you want love, drugs, heartache and action then pick it up. 
Now as good as it was I have one question on why the author did not elaborate on how Rue felt after losing her V-card to Tanner. I would have thought this to be something very magical but it felt kind of swept under the rug so to speak.

Jae Hood
Jae Hood is a full-time wife, mother, and nurse. And sometimes she sleeps. On her days off from work you can find her daydreaming, painting her nails, reading fanfiction, or investing herself in whatever hobby she's discovered on Pinterest this week.

Oh, and writing. You can definitely find her writing.
Jae lives in a small, rural town in northeast Mississippi with her husband, children, and more pets than she can afford. Jae fell in love with books as a child when her mother entrusted Judy Blume to explain life's woes, and she fell in love with writing during an assignment in junior high. "Dirty South Drug Wars" is Jae's debut novel.


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