Review: The Creation: Axis Mundi (Creation Series, #1) by The Behrg

26023079Title: The Creation Part One
Author: The Behrg
Published: Sept. 1, 2015
Publisher: Pricks Like Thorn Media
Pages: 266
Genre: Mystery
Review: ebook
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To Create, One Must First Destroy...

Deep in the jungles of the Venezuelan Rainforest, a dying phytopharmacologist has begun a search that could change the fate of humanity forever. Joining depraved scientists and ruthless mercenaries, he seeks to overcome humanity’s one common enemy: Mortality.

Meanwhile, plans have been laid by an eco-revolutionary group, led by rebel Faye Grennith, to put an end to the illegal deforestation taking place in the Amazon. But her true motives may compromise much more than their sociopolitical agenda.

Because a frightening power is stirring in the Amazon, an event beginning that only occurred once in the history of the Earth – during its process of Creation. And it will take more than tenacity and ingenuity to survive the coming seven days.

So I skipped the first part of this book as I just read it before and I jumped into the second part. In the second part we find out the reason why Faye is actually in Venezuela and for me it was surprising as it didn't click for me until then. 
Dugan and his team are still in search of the Shaman who has the answers to immortally even though they have been warned in a way not too look for him as it will lead to death he will not give up. I found myself really starting to get into this book as it seems that the pharmaceutical companies don't care how they get the product they need to do what they need to do. I know it sounds weird but I liked how Dugan kept a journal of those that died by his men and himself. It is like the ghost will always be with him so will he find his name in his own book soon enough?  The way the ending came about has me wondering on the mute man that doesn't speak but is with Dugan and his crew. He seems mysterious all in his own way. 
As much as you can tell this is a story it makes you wonder exactly how much of it could be true in some sense especially with the way the companies work. I am sure that the search for whatever they are looking for not only damages the planet but lives are probably lost along the way. 
There is some action in here and I have to say my favorite part was the way the fog came about on Dugan it had that mysterious feeling to it. Overall a pretty good book. 

The Behrg

My writing career began in the fourth grade when tasked with an assignment to write about rain. I opted to tell the story of a raindrop who decided life wasn't worth living and leapt to his death only to discover that really he was being reborn. (You know that whole life-cycle thing).
Yeah, I was a little twisted even back then. Thankfully my teacher encouraged my writing rather than send me for a psych evaluation... (that came later). Let's see...
I was a child actor and starred in recurring roles in Dynasty and Highway to Heaven, and was even in an episode of The Twilight Zone.
I dropped out of college to join a rockband.
I was kicked out of the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland for lobbing rocks onto toy houses.
I have a grave in my backya ...
Oh wait, this is a BIO not a CONFESSIONAL.
Bottom line: I love to write. Thankfully, my family puts up with it. The very act of creating something that might be slightly askew keeps me going. I'm drawn to dark fiction where I find an appreciation for the light. Horror, thrillers, suspense. Things that make you question your own reality or open your mind to look at the world a little differently than you might have before.
I'm grateful to all those who give an independent author like myself a chance.
Seriously. Thank you.
For more about me, my works, (my rants), and upcoming projects, please stop by: my website. I promise I don't bite.

(See, there's a reason they keep me muzzled).


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