Review: Beginner's Luck (Roulette Romance Book 1) by Anna Lunde

26238236Title: Beginner's Luck (Roulette Romance 1)
Author: Anna Lunde
Published: Sept. 3, 2015
Pages: 87
Genre: Romance
Review: ebook provided by author

Falling in love should never be this easy.

Mat Taylor is untouchable. An Australian country girl, she doesn’t date, she doesn’t fall in love and, oh yeah... she doesn’t dance after the love of her life left her standing alone on the dance floor at their Pro-Am Dance Championship debut.

Now in her last year of pre-med, Mat can’t seem to hold her life together. Her professor is on her back about her grades, her best friend and flatmate, Bradley, can’t shake off his one-night-stand, and at the Cloudland ballroom, where Mat waits tables, a mysterious taxi dancer keeps ignoring her no matter how much she stalks him around the dance floor.

*This is part one of the Roulette Romance novella series.

I received this book to give an honest review.

So first let me start off with I am not finding this book on Amazon at all, not sure why but it is not there.
I really liked this book even though it is short for me it pulled me in. We are introduced to Mat (Matilda) and her friend Bradley. Mat is a tomboy through and through, and Bradley is the rich boy next door so to speak. These two are best friends and have feelings for each other but never act on them. When Mat meets with her professor about her grades she realizes that pre-med was never for her and she will now end up going into another direction. Though the question will remain once Mat hears the news from Bradley's girlfriend what will happen between Mat and Bradley? I can honestly say I enjoyed the story and where this book left off I wonder what will happen in Mat's life now. The book is pretty simple and the characters were pretty well developed and likable. Hopefully I can find the other books in this novella series as I want to see where it is all going to go.  


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