Review: Enchanted Awakening by Alanna Wilson

15738289Title: Enchanted Awakening
Author: Alanna Wilson
Published: May 13, 2012
Pages: 150
Genre: Fantasy, Teen
Review: Paperback provided by author
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Celeste Marsden is a lively teenager hoping to live out her days with the first love who has captured her heart. However, when a fatal winter accident takes her first love, Cameron, away and leaves her with a head filled with other peoples’ memories, her future begins to look drastically different. Then she meets a boy who just might have all the answers. He is passionate, angry, and indecipherable and as he lets Celeste in on his secrets she realizes that the world around her is more dangerous than she’d ever imagined. Celeste is rattled by the feelings she develops for this boy, Isaac, and the guilt she feels for moving on. However just when she begins to truly heal and to see a future with Isaac, she realizes she has unlocked the power to bring Cameron back. If you could bring back the one you lost what would you do? What if you could change everything?

I received this book to give an honest review.

So when it started off I was really into the book. We get to meet Celeste and her first true love Cameron, when an unfortunate accident happens we see Celeste go down into a deep hole. She isn't the person she once was. 
As the story progresses of course she learns there is something within her but she isn't sure what, on top of that she meets Isaac and starts getting feelings for him. Though it seems he is hiding something from her and something has it out for Celeste though she doesn't understand why until towards the end. The girl with the purple eyes who is she and why does she not like Celeste? What is her role in this all? 
Now for me as I said I was really into the book it seemed to be going somewhere but then it started to fall flat for me and I was not connecting with Celeste like I hoped I would. 
I felt the way Isaac and Celeste rushed into their relationship seemed really fast. It was like oh I am starting to having feelings then bam all of a sudden they are dating and saying I love you. Now I understood there was a background with them which we learn about later on but it just felt forced. It didn't glide together. 
Celeste and her power to know everything well we learn why but it was like she just went with the flow of it all. There was hardly no questioning it or trying to figure it out like hey this happens to people on a normal basis. 
As far as timelines went for me it felt like everything that was occurring within the story was happening so quickly and not over a few weeks of time. Not sure if that was the author's intention or not but this is where it felt rushed. 
I did like the I guess you would call it a little twist that comes into play towards the end when Celeste sees what she sees. The way the book ended on a small cliffhanger has you wondering what else can happen. 

Alanna  Wilson
Alanna Wilson is a Canadian author and singer/songwriter who has been writing novels since the age of 11. "Enchanted Awakening" and "Enchantment Everlasting" are her duology of romance/fantasy novels for teens, and can be purchased on amazon.
She recently graduated with honours from her English Literature program at the University of Guelph. In her free time she enjoys travelling, eating brownies, and swooning about love. She calls the small town of Erin, Ontario home and her country music be heard on radio stations across Canada.

Currently she is writing The LDR Diaries; a humorous New Adult series that follows three long distance couples on their adventures (and misadventures) of the heart. Her real-life boyfriend lives 3,000 miles away in a funny little place called England.


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