Review: The Demon Heritage of Josh Thorne (Southern Style Supernatural Series #1) by Joe Fowler

25008397Title: The Demon Heritage of Josh Thorne
Author: Joe Fowler
Published: Feb. 23, 2015
Publisher: Self
Pages: 229
Genre: Teens, YA, Paranormal
Review: ebook provided by author
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Tired of being average? Have you ever wished there was something special about you? Be careful what you wish for. Josh Thorne was as normal as they come until he neared his eighteenth birthday. Over the course of one month this young man’s life was forever altered by forces beyond his control.
Psychic visions, werewolves, demons, cults, ghosts, and vampires become all too common as he fights to keep his friends safe. His best friend Keith stands beside him throughout this journey but as the events in Josh’s life become stranger it becomes apparent that Keith may not be human either.
Even in the middle of fighting for his life, Josh meets the woman of his dreams. He finds love and helps others do the same. With love and laughter, Josh finds the strength to keep going.
Josh learns of love and loss, pain and forgiveness, as well as leadership and responsibility on his journey with friends both new and old. Graduating high school becomes secondary when you are just trying to survive.

I received this book to give an honest review.

This was a pretty good book, the only reason I gave it a four and not a five is because I felt some things felt a bit too normal and some things were like really out there. We are introduced to Josh whose mother doesn't really bother with him. He has a pretty normal life until he starts getting visions that sounds crazy right well it only gets even weirder from there. He is introduced to the supernatural that surrounds him in forms of vampires, werewolves and even demons. While trying to figure out what is going on with his life and who he is, he also finds love. Josh's life is completely turned upside those that are close to him are not what they seem and Josh has to accept it. 
It will be a fight of life and death not only with Josh but those that are helping him to achieve the good to conquer the evil. 

Joe Fowler
I began writing at the age of 41. Born(1973-present) in Mobile, Alabama where I have lived most of my life. Educated at Faulkner State CC and Troy University. I've had a lifelong enjoyment of books of all kinds, though I prefer writing books of the supernatural genre as they require an open mind. I like to think of myself as a good example that it is never too late to try something new. Roll Tide!


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