#PBwkendread: Pomegranate Seeds Katy Kellogg

Well it is Thursday and I remembered to post on the book I will be reading this weekend. It is called Pomegranate Seeds by Katy Kellogg.

I actually won this book a while back so I am excited to get into it and see if it is as good as I remember hearing about.  


Korbin Stockard wanted to be a good guy. He really did. Sometimes it was hard not to act like a demon, though. He jumped at the chance for redemption; live twenty years as a human, with no memory of his demonic side, without sinning. Sounded simple enough. He might have succeeded, if he hadn't met Haleigh.
Elijah Peterson is an angel who wanted to save Korbin, under the same terms as the demon's agreement. It really did seem like an easy task. He might have succeeded, he if hadn't met Haleigh.
When Haleigh moved into a one hundred and twenty year old apartment, she thought it was going to be all independence and fun. It fell apart as soon as the last picture was hung on the wall. After getting into fights with her best friend and ber boyfriend, she manages to get the logos, a tool that can create and destroy existance as we know it, stuck inside of her.
She now has to rely on two angels, a demon, and a halfbreed to protect her and find a way to remove the logos before either a group of demons set on recreating existance as they want it, or the logos destroys her from the inside out.


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