Summer Break

I know that maybe not a lot of people will read this but I wanted to update everyone. 
This summer I will be taking a break from blogging this means I will not be a part of the blog tours I will still be reading and reviewing as I have a huge list I am trying to get through. So my blog posts will be just of reviewing books. 

I will start back up in September but even then it will be limited as I will be homeschooling my daughter so that will take up my time. That is if I don't lose my patience! 

I would love to still be on the email list of the tour host but you can put on the side until after summer, I think this summer is going to be more filled with spending more time with my children and less time on the computer or around the computer. Of course that means I am going to have to try to keep off of facebook which is always hard lol. 

I hope you all will still follow me and read the reviews that I will be leaving just know this is temporary!



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