Review: Forever Road by Catie Rhodes

28665136Title: Forever Road
Author: Catie Rhodes
Published: April 2, 2013
Publisher: Long Roads and Dark Ends
Pages: 396
Genre: Ghost, Mystery
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Peri Jean Mace’s knack for seeing ghosts made growing up in her rural East Texas hometown a living hell. Now an adult with her own business, she thinks she’s finally got things under control.

But the murder of Peri Jean’s trailer trash cousin, Rae, forces Peri Jean to face long buried issues. She owes her cousin a favor from beyond the grave and must solve her murder. The more Peri Jean pokes around, the more she realizes everyone in Gaslight City has something to hide.

Uncovering the wrong secret will send Peri Jean straight into the arms of a killer.

So if you enjoy stories about ghost and a mystery to be solved then I say try this book out.
We follow Peri Jean in her adventure of solving who actually killed her cousin while possibly finding love to someone who doesn't find her weird once he gets to know her.
I didn't understand why Peri didn't embrace the ghosts that she would see,  I can understand not wanting anything to do with them if they bothered you all the time. Though in this book they seem to kind of stay away except her cousin Rae who just wants Peri to pay up on the favor that she asked for.
Also the friendship she had with Hannah was just not real enough you know Hannah saved her bacon and instead of being thankful she just brushes her off.
I really liked how we didn't get to know who the killer was until towards the end though I am sure other people figured it out probably more sooner than I did.
It seems that Rae had a wild life and it all caught up to her which resulted in her death but what exactly does Peri uncover? Who is all involved?

Now as far as the story goes it was a good mystery to solve, the characters were good but honestly the was Peri would act at times I just didn't like. Would I read the second book I think I will if there is more mysteries to solve and if Peri would truly embrace the ghosts that surround her.

Catie Rhodes
Catie was born and raised behind the pine curtain in East Texas. Her favorite memories of childhood are sitting around listening to her family spin yarns.
Some of the tales were spooky. Some had grim endings. Some were sidesplittingly funny. The stories all had one thing in common: each had an element of the mysterious or the unexplained.
Those weird stories molded Catie into a purveyor of her own brand of lies and legends. One day, she found the courage to start writing down her stories. It changed her life forever.
Catie Rhodes lives steps from the Sam Houston National Forest with her long-suffering husband and her armpit terrorist of a little dog.
When she’s not writing, Catie likes to cook horribly fattening foods and crochet or knit stuff nobody wants as a gift. She also reads a whole helluva lot.


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