Blog Tour and Review: Rite of Redemption by Sarah Negovetich

30166592Title: Rite of Redemption (Acceptance book 3)
Author: Sarah Negovetich
Date to be published June 6, 2016
Pages: 249
Review: ARC copy from the author
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Rebecca escaped the PIT, found a family among the Freeman...and watched too many loved ones die. All she wants is the Cardinal to leave her in peace, but he's made it clear that's never going to happen.
When the Cardinal attacks other Freeman villages, she finally understands that no one is safe from his wrath. As the only one who's stood up to the evil that is the Cardinal, it's up to her to convince the others that they can't hide forever. It's time to fight.
The Machine predicted Rebecca would become the Cardinal's enemy. It may have gotten that one right.

I received this book to give an honest review. 

This is the final book in the Rite of Redemption series. If you have not read the other books in this series I highly suggest you pick them up. 
Rebecca and her family that is what everyone in her village is to her, know that soon they will have to bring down the Cardinal it is just a matter of time before he takes more from Rebecca and others that live in the villages. She has been away from the PIT for quite a while and has settled down a bit with Daniel in a semi-quiet life in a village. When the Cardinal decides to keep hunting down Rebecca and those who may know where she is it up to her to end this once and for all, but can she get others behind her in her mission? The more she pushes to request  help from the other Freeman villages she becomes stronger and stronger, maybe the machine was right as she would be the Cardinal's enemy. Everyone will lose someone close to them and some will have someone in their past come back and be on their side. There are those that do want the Cardinal to go down and Rebecca will have to figure out who is truly on her side and who is playing her. 
Now as far as the fighting went there wasn't much of it, it seems the Cardinal i.m.o. went down pretty easy. I really like how everyone plays a part within the this story and how people like Daniel have the talent to mess around with technology. 
I think the way this book ended was a good way to end the Acceptance books. I felt there was closure though I wound't be mad if the author wanted to do another book just so we can see how all the characters are doing, and how maybe the world looks now that the Cardinal is gone. 

Sarah Negovetich

Sarah Negovetich knows you don't know how to pronounce her name and she's okay with that.
Her first love is Young Adult novels, because at seventeen the world is your oyster. Only oysters are slimy and more than a little salty; it's accurate if not exactly motivational. We should come up with a better cliché.
Sarah divides her time between writing YA books that her husband won’t read and working with amazing authors as an agent at Corvisiero Literary Agency. Her life’s goal is to be only a mildly embarrassing mom when her kids hit their teens.
You can learn more about Sarah and her books at


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