Review: Birth of a Wizard (The Energy Chronicles #2) by M.J. Schutte

13499324Title: Birth of a Wizard
Author: MJ Schutte
Published: March 1, 2012
Publisher: Self
Pages: 350
Genre: Magic, Fantasy
Review: ebook provided by author
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A new world is discovered in Birth of a Wizard, book II of the Energy Chronicles.
Brighton and Lilian, along with their children and two dear friends have crossed the western boundary in search of a new life.
Just as it seems they will finally settle down, tragedy strikes and Brighton is forced to use his gift in order to save his loved ones.
Brighton’s actions earn him an unwanted reputation and cause ripple effects that will haunt them in years to come.
Is Lilian strong enough to find her way back to Brighton with overwhelming odds against her?

I received this book to give an honest review.
So it has been a few years since I read book one and when I started this book I was thinking I would probably have to go back and re-read book one. I didn't have to which was great. 
I really loved this book from the start to the end. The way this book ended I loved it so much. It felt like the perfect ending that was needed.
Brighton and Lilian have their two children and are trying to start a new life. The spark these two have with each other is amazing.  You can just feel the love between these two characters and how they will stop at nothing to be together.
Brighton has to use his power to stop the evil that is surrounding them but at what cost will stopping the evil cost Brighton and those he loves and cherishes. 
Now we know that Lilian has a power but she doesn't use it very much and so as the story progresses we see how to finally comes to terms with her powers and what she can do with them. 
This story has plenty of action, new characters come into play, new love is found, the characters are very well developed and either you will like some or hate some. There is also heartache that will come about. 
It is hard to write a review without giving anything away. I do highly recommend this book for those that love magic or fantasy, clean romance, action. 

M.J. Schutte
My wife asked how I think of the things I write. I answered: "I don't have to. There is an entire world that exists in my mind. All I do is close my eyes and watch."


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