Review: Apostle by Lacey Crowe

Title: Apostle
Author: Lacey Crowe
Published: Oct. 31, 2014
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
Pages: 406
Genre: Serial killers, adult
Review: ebook provided by author
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Benji is plagued with an insatiable need to kill. By artistically displaying the corpses of his victims, he relishes in the belief he is immortalizing them while he feeds his inner monster. But the life of a serial killer is a lonely one, and sixteen-year-old drifter Beth has sparked in him a desire to fulfill the role of pernicious mentor. Benji teaches Beth to harness the thrill of human fear, to dominate, and to kill. As their partnership grows into a profound friendship, spanning three years, Beth begins to desire a deeper connection with the inept sociopath. The fantasy of romance seemingly one-sided, heartbroken Beth goes rogue. Set in Ontario in the early 1970s, when feminists, hippies and environmentalists swarmed; when peace was at the forefront and trust in a fellow stranger was normal, Beth has no idea how much danger she is in.

Forced into a karmic situation, the story becomes one of consequence, repentance and self-realization.

I received this book to give an honest review.
I do not see a trigger warning but here it is. There is death, rape, torture and I say this should be read by 18 on up. 
This book is told though the eyes of a serial killer but not just one serial killer. We start the story with Benji and we get a feel on who he is as a person he doesn't want a relationship but it all changes when he meets Beth. She is something special to him so he takes her under his wing and teaches her his ways. They have fun for a bit, and even though they are not together you can see how Beth starts falling for Benji but being a serial killer he doesn't have emotions so it is like he doesn't even know. When one decision comes about we are thrown into a huge twist in this story one I didn't see coming and let me tell you it gets graphic and is not for the faint of heart. 
This book is filled with a lot of violence and I felt for one of the main characters it broke my heart the hand that was dealt but Karma always has a way of coming back. I thought it was pretty neat how Benji and Beth try to live normal lives but never get close to anyone until Sam comes along. 
Can a love change a serial killer? 
I really enjoyed this story through the eyes of a serial killer and a victim. Yes I said victim because once you get towards the middle-end part that is what one person becomes. 
I know this book is not real but it makes you think of the crazy serial killers that are out there and you hope you never meet one.


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