ARC Review: Vengeance (Twenty-Five Percent Book 3) by Nerys Wheatley

29339781Title: Vengeance (Twenty-Five Percent Book 3)
Author: Nerys Wheatley
Published: Feb. 24, 2016
Publisher: Self
Pages: 351
Genre: Zombies, Post-Apocalyptic
Review: ebook provided by author
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They’re coming.

Tens of thousands of eaters are marching towards the city, devouring everyone in their path.

One man controls them: Harvey Boot. He will go to any lengths to perfect the weaponised Meir’s virus and become a Survivor. But first he must destroy the only people who can stop him, Alex MacCallum and Micah Clarke.

Alex and Micah have just a few days to prepare their home for the invasion. Together with their friends, they will have to meet the approaching eater army head on.

But Alex has a goal that’s more than just surviving the coming battle. Boot took away his future.

Now Alex wants revenge.

** Vengeance is book 3 of the Twenty-Five Percent zombie action horror series. It is NOT a standalone novel. If you want to throw caution to the wind and read it first, go ahead, but you won’t understand much of what’s going on! Alternatively, you could get the first two books, Mutation and Downfall, and read the story in order. It will be more fun that way, I promise!

I received this book to give an honest review.

I have fallen in love with Alex and Micah as characters from the very beginning. 
In this last book or at least last for now? Alex and Micah are still being hunted by Boot's the crazy dude that can control the eaters. What is his obsession with Alex and Micah though because it seems he will stop at nothing to get them two even if it means killing those that they know.
The book is very action packed now Alex and Micah have a humor thing going on and I love it and I kept wondering when the two were going to start picking on each other like they normally do. I was very surprised that it didn't happen until semi middle close to the end I look for the humor in these zombie books. 
Now the way everything came about with Boot I wasn't expecting that I was thinking for something a lot more interesting so to speak. 
The plot is still amazing yes everyone is dealing with the eaters and trying to stay alive not only from them but also from the crazy man Harvey Boot. 
I think the ending came about in the perfect way and I am glad to see who has survived through it all, who has found love, and who has found happiness. Characters will surprise you with how they act and we find out whose loyalty lies with who by the end. 
There is action, drama, laughter and so much more within this story. 

Nerys Wheatley

  • Nerys Wheatley is the author of the Twenty-Five Percent zombie action horror series, and several short stories. 
  • Born and raised in the county of Essex in the UK, she recently moved to Derbyshire and is slowly getting used to being called "Duck". She writes fast-paced, action-packed horror and science fiction with a sense of humour.

  • Find her at and


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